Thursday, 7 September 2017


I wrote and posted an article yesterday about preventing your husband or future partner from sleeping around, most women in some groups were enraged! They were not ready to make their marriage work. They believe their cheating husband is an unrepentant adulterer, and it isn't their fault he went hire wire!
Listen, it's partly your fault, you couldn't keep your man's eyes at home. If you have no fault at all, opening your two eyes to see and marry a fornicator cum adulterer shows you have very serious personal problem.
When some women come weeping and wailing they have a bad marriage, I don't pity them. These women see all the good men around but refuse to marry them but said yes to the liar because of his good looks, money, car or house. Their greed shut their good sense of reasoning and they ended up trapped in a bad marriage!
Some of these women, in fact most of them had sex before marriage, they were busy seducing the guy with their body, daring him to disobey God and fornicate. They taught him how not to have self control, now that he is married and practicing what he had been taught by sleeping around after marriage, they are enraged. Enraged? For what?
They burst out with their own mouth that "A cheat will cheat no matter what you do" that's your prophecy and it shall come to pass. The Bible says "he (or she) shall have whatever he saith!"
These women are proud. Any wander their men went astray. 80% of men having affairs have proud, unrepentant, stubborn women as wives. It's one of the reasons I told you guys recently: Do not marry a lady who have no iota of respect for you, you will regret it."
I find it very easy to counsel some men than some married women. Most of the married women are proud. It is clothed in words like "I never did anything wrong in the marriage, my husband caused all our problem." Women who weep, cry and lament that they are innocent weaklings who never did ANYTHING WRONG in the marriage but blame their spouse for ALL their woes are proud!
Most of my male counsellees are down to earth honest with me, confess their faults and are eager and willing to do anything to make their marriage work. Of course I meet honest women too and some men who are blatant, unrepentant, incorrigible liars!
I am not exonerating men. Excuse me sir, control your lust! Deal with it. Sleeping around shows you are a baby in big trousers and completely immature. You don't even understand what marriage is about. Marriage is FORSAKING all others till death do you part. It is LEAVING all others and cleaving to your wife. Marrying an unserious wife who does not know how to meet your needs in your marriage is your fault. Experience has now taught you that good looks: voluminous breasts, tiny waist and chair shattering buttocks do not make a woman good sexually neither is it a straight guarantee she will make a good wife.
The bottom line is this: a great marriage is hard work and it is 100 percent your responsibility. Marry a responsible man/woman who will walk with you and make it work and if you are already in a bad marriage, be ready to make it work. You can't blame anyone for your choice. At least no one forced you to marry them. Be humble, or you lose your marriage completely. May the Lord grant you understanding. 

© Seun Oladele, 2017

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