Wednesday, 6 September 2017


There are ladies who practically beg men for sex, no, they don't say it with their mouths. They are too ashamed to do that, they say it stylishly with their body and when the man is done using and dumping them, they come crying and weeping!

I boarded "Maruwa" recently and my jaw almost shattered at the sight of the lady sitting next to a guy, probably her boyfriend. This lady has the lightest, fairest, softest and smoothest thigh I've ever seen (I'm not flattering). How did I know? She wore a short skirt revealing 70% of her thigh and how that guy was able to hold a discussion with her without touching the thigh or grabbing her in the vehicle deserves an award! Eventually, she leaned on him, put her arm around him and I could guess they were either on their way to having sex or just had one!

Don't come crying someone raped you if you go spend the night in his house, that's in a simple language, asking for sex, period!

You wear body revealing clothes and you say you want to be a virgin, virgin? Tell that to fools my dear, you are purely asking for sex!

You ask for recharge cards today, half of his salary tomorrow. He is your ATM machine where you withdraw money to do hair, buy menstrual pad, chew gum and ice cream though he is not your fiance or husband, you are simply asking for sex!

You are making jest of him, you call him "okobo" (impotent) etc and daring him to touch you, what the hell do you think you are doing?

Your fiance comes to visit you, you wear mini-skirts, bum shorts, tank tops, strapless and even undress before him and you say you don't want sex!

You send dirty chats, nude pictures, talk dirty and dare him to do same and you are telling me you want to be a virgin till marriage, how in the name of God is that possible?

You deliberately turn a man on to the point of getting him drunk with hot sexual desire and here you are lying beside him semi naked over the night and you are screaming NO to sex. Are you stupid? Do you want to kill him? Once a man is turned on he is restless till he get a release. He is filled with unusual energy, irrational and completely uncomfortable! Free meat is beside him! The creator of that desire! You were the one who turned the animal in him loose so he treats you like an animal, you get raped, neat!

What usually follow after his eyes are calm is hatred! Hatred for you! He feel so bad raping you (yes, men with conscience do feel bad after raping though he never says it or shows it) , he hates you for turning him on, he hates you for being so cheap, he hates you for lacking the dignity to say NO. You become cheap and very stupid to him, he stops calling you or giving you attention, he dumps you neat!

This is definitely not an excuse for you guys to rape. If you do so, be ready to face the law! Rapists should spend at least 10 years in jail to put their scattered senses in order! Why would you rape? Are you an animal? Okay, you don't rape, you only sleep with them because they keep seducing you. Why would you even attract a lady like that in the first place? Why would you move with ladies who seduce and make fun of virgins? You attract who you are. If it is not in you to do it, you won't attract seducers! And when she comes seducing though you never wanted sex, open your mouth and say a big, fat NO abi? Is anyone holding your mouth?

Bottom lime, ladies be careful! There is no innocent seduction. You seduce is you seduce. You yourself know that you are seducing, abeg, let us tell ourselves the truth and stop playing the victim of rape and rejection.

Take note of what you say, wear and and how you act around the opposite sex henceforth. In fairness to men, if you don't ask for it, push for it, demand for it and put yourself in the position to get it, he won't do it and guys, stop taking advantages of innocent ladies please!

Men who sleep around are simply cheap, dirty, lack personal dignity and self worth and do not deserve respect from ladies. More so, there is an 80% chance you will commit adultery in marriage. Who wants to marry that kind of man? May the Lord grant you understanding. 

© Seun Oladele, 2017

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