Wednesday, 6 September 2017


In answer to numerous questions from my counsellees on dealing with their overwhelming sexual urge and masturbation, we are attacking that vampire right now!

1. GET UP! Yeah, jump your butt right out of that comfy chair once you feel that urge and get out of the room or wherever! Masturbation fuels on idleness! An idle hand is the devil's work shop. If you always lie in bed or sit around with nothing particular you are doing, you will think dirty and do naughty things with your hand. Don't give the devil your hands to work with.

2. GET OUT with a good book (not a novel) in hand and read something positive, inspiring and life changing. The trick is to shift your mind from your body to your future.

3. EXCERCISE: Run round your block about 5 times, sweat, get your blood pumping to your heart. You should calm down after running round your wall of Jericho! If your sexual urge doesn't come crashing down, you need serious attention!

4. READ YOUR BIBLE DAILY: Most masturbators are spiritually lazy. Study Romans 12 and Psalm 119 daily. You can't be filled with the word and think dirty!

5.SPEAK IN TONGUES if you are baptized in the Holy Ghost, it sanctifies your spirit.

6. CONFESS THE WORD: "I am crucified with Christ, Christ lives through me! Sin have no power over me, it has no dominion over me! I am sitted with Christ Jesus far above satan, sin and demons! I do not bow cheaply to masturbation, I'm far above that" what you confess consistently, you eventually become.

7. FAST 3 DAYS A WEEK:People who love food have issues with sex, masturbation and self control. Discipline your appetite!

8. GET BUSY WITH YOUR ACADEMICES, CAREER OR TRAINING: When you are busy with your life, you have no time to masturbate.

So there you go! Start practicing and start enjoying your freedom from today. I look forward to hearing your testimony soon. Feel free to share. God bless you, cheers!

© Seun Oladele, 2017.

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