Thursday, 21 September 2017


There are women, married women who are going through hell in their marriages. Does the man beat them? Nay! Does he abuse them? Nay! Does he starve them or refuse to take care of them? No! What then is the problem? He wants sex often, every time, always and it is killing the woman. This is not a joke!

Some men are super charged sexually and eat it like food! Some want it 3 times in a day, some twice while some wants it every 2 hours, you wander whether the man has no job! Of course he does.

I hear stories of men who do it in the morning before going to work, rush home at break for another session then immediately they return in the evening and at night before they sleep. There was a full time Pastor who always have it like every 2 hours, that is 12 times per day; the woman lost weight seriously and you will think she was an AIDS victim.
What is wrong with having sex often? Nothing! Is the man a sex maniac? No. Is he possessed?

Why? He wants sex with his wife and there is nothing bad in wanting to sleep with one's wife.
The problem is sexual incompatibility and it starts from courtship where one partner is sexually aggressive and always wanted sex. Men like that threatens to end the relationship if you do not give them sex while the extreme ones rape their fiancees.

That is a big sign you are dealing with a man who has a huge sexual appetite and you either break the relationship if you know you can't cope in marriage or you ask them to wait for marriage and give your sex life all you've got.

Courtship is serious business. Discuss all aspects of your life including your sexual expectations before you say "I DO."

For women already married to men like this, you need to buckle up, pray for more grace and read good books that will help you satisfy your husband sexually.

For husbands, treat your wife like a human being and not a sexual machine. Respect her body, treat it with care and give her a break when she sincerely needs rest.

See sexual therapists or a family counsellor if the issue of sexual incompatibility continues. Adultery is not the solution to your problem. Pray to God to give you the wisdom to manage your sex drive. Feel free to share.

© Seun Oladele

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