Tuesday, 26 September 2017


The kind of woman you will attract, marry and have as a wife largely depends on who you are as a man. No virtuous woman drops from heaven. No great woman is self made. There is powerful man behind her, molding, encouraging, correcting, sharpening and carving her into the woman she is destined to be!
If you want your wife to be an international icon, be ready to be an "international" husband! If you want her to be a star, you must be a super star to bring out the star in her! If you want her to be a virtuous woman, virtues must ooze from you from head to toe! If you want the anointing of God on her head, you must have it in abundance!
Great, godly women give credit to their husbands who stood by them when others would have given up. Till her death, late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya kept pouring encomiums on her husband. She said repeatedly, "My husband made me the woman I am today," that statement is deep!
The character you don't want in your wife, don't exhibit it. If you want a prayerful wife, don't be snoring at 3am when you expect her to have woken up, firing prayers at your enemy! If she is expected to be up by 3am, you wake up by 2am! That is a leader, that is a husband! A great husband leads by example, not by complaining, criticizing, abusing, screaming and yelling!
Women like babies need to be nurtured, trained, taught, admonished and corrected over and over again before the virtues in them come out in full.
Lead by example! Show her how to do things right if she's misbehaving.
As a night person who doesn't sleep on time, I hate getting up early to do whatever needs done so house chores and food get done late. Hubby gently corrected me over and over again but I insisted it is not easy being a workaholic, sleeping late, plus 2 kids, projects and what have you! I am a mentally, physically busy woman, but my husband is busier. He didn't argue. He simply took over most of the chores: got the plates washed, clothes washed and ironed, food cooked, house cleaned, son bathed for and was punctual for business. I kept saying "well done sir", "thank you sir", "amazing sir" .
After doing that for some time, he then gently but firmly taught me how to do all my chores without being late for business! Who I'm I to argue? He has taught me by his practical, shinning example how things can be done on time.
I'm not saying husbands should take over chores in the home, we both do chores in my home (of course, do what works for you) but the point is lead your wife by example!
Trust me, no woman can resist a loving, affectionate Jesus-like husband. Husbands who genuinely love, cherish, adore, train and admonish their wives have loving, submissive women as wives.
I will advise single ladies to pray hard and get a fire proof assurance from God that man is your real bone and flesh before you say "YES" to his proposal. Only a man who is made for you can love you like Christ loves the church.
If you are already married to a man who treats you poorly, pray for the salvation of his soul. When a man becomes born again, love (God) enters him and with time, he learns to love like Christ loves the church.
May your marriage be sweet and a true reflection of heaven as you practice the word of God in your home in Jesus' name.

"Husbands, love your wife as Christ loves the church..."

© Seun Oladele

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