Tuesday, 17 October 2017


If you think sexual temptation ends the day you get married, you are seriously joking. Sexual temptation begins with full force after marriage!
There are days you will be so horny and no one to download your hormones on. Hubby has either travelled or wifey is sick, heavily pregnant, just had a baby or heavily menstruating, so no network, what do you do, masturbate?
No! Don't touch your genitals! Masturbation is not allowed for anybody including married couples. You must learn self control by fire, by thunder, by force! That is why we encourage singles to "hold body" till marriage. If you lack self control as a single lady or man, you won't automatically have it in marriage! If you must disobey God and fornicate because you are burning with red hot sexual desire threatening to set you ablaze, you will still disobey God when your sexual urge is burning all your veins and wifey/hubby is not around to help you douse it!
When you masturbate, you keep the picture of your spouse in mind right? May be! If God will show some wives what their husbands are thinking in the dark or whenever she is not around, she may want to scatter his brain with a supernatural AK 47! Some wives too fantasize, but being a deaconess in church won't let you know she has slept with almost all the members of the church in her mind!
We all must learn self control, married or single! Masturbation is a sin for everybody. It encourages dirty acts, dirty thoughts, dirty desires and eventually affairs and adultery. Masturbation is the younger brother of adultery, it's not fully satisfying, you will one day look for a mistress/man to have sex with when your spouse is not around!
To think men/ladies will not have sexual interest in you after marriage is to be naive! I used to think that way too until I started meeting men who directly or indirectly told me me they wouldn't mind sharing me with my husband. I had to end my relationship with them with speed!
I do not have any male friend who will send me to hell! My husband is the only male and best friend I have now, in fact, I have no single male friend at all! I put an end to any relationship that will distract me with speed!
Bottom line, "walk in the spirit and you shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh" (Gal. 5:16). That is the best cure I know to sexual temptation any day, any time. Stay blessed!

© Seun Oladele.

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