Monday, 30 October 2017


Ladies keep asking me what to do when they are madly in love with a guy but he isn't into them. Some said they heard God clearly the guy is the one but he is not showing interest neither is he proposing. The peak is the one whose "boo" is seriously engaged yet she keeps hoping he would one day hear God, end the damned relationship he is already into and propose marriage to her.
Yes, it's possible to hear God ahead of the guy that he is the one. It is possible to be crazy about a guy yet he ain't noticing and it is possible he is very much engaged to someone else, yet you know beyond every shadow of doubt, he is the one, what should you do?
This is where most ladies mess things up. Some would get really impatient and start doing everything in their power to make the guy notice them. Some would out rightly propose to the guy by telling him to his face he is God's will for her! Some would get jealous of his fiancee and try everything within their power to break the relationship and "claim" their "husbands" while some would forward the good news to all their friends who will erroneously address the "innocent" guy as her fiance.
The acid test of God's will is peace. If you truly heard God, you will be at peace and at rest. You won't be impatient; jumping up and down and doing everything humanly possible to get the guy's attention.
You can't force a man to notice you. If he is not attracted to you, he is simply not and there is nothing you can do about that.
Desperation turns men off. A man likes to notice a lady and give her the chase! He values what he sweat to get not what is thrown at him.
So what do you do after receiving the "revelation"? You can only pray that God should reveal the same thing to him while facing your business, no more, no less! If it is truly God who revealed that guy to you as your husband, not your flesh, not the devil, not your emotion, not his good looks, money or fame, the same God will also reveal it to him, God is not the author of confusion my sister! You can't help God to pick a life partner for you. Let him do His job! Yours is to practice 1 Cor 13:4-8 while waiting!
My mentor had known about 2 and half years her husband was the one before he came to propose, in fact, he was already engaged to someone else. 13 different men came to propose to her but she said NO while patiently waiting for a man who obviously had no interest in her. She is a naturally beautiful woman, brilliant, charismatic, a virgin, came from the upper middle class family, spirit filled yet the man didn't notice neither was she parading herself cheaply around him. Eventually, his relationship didn't work out. He sought God's face and God revealed my mentor to him as his wife. It was later in their courtship she shared all God told her about him to him. They are happily married today.
Impatience is a sign you didn't hear God in the first place. God leads, the devil pushes! If you have this crazy urge to rush things, you obviously heard your flesh not God. True love waits and God is love. If you are really sure it is God's will, you will patiently WAIT for Him to work things out and not jump from pillar to post trying to match-make yourself . 1 Cor 13 vs 4 says, "Love is PATIENT..." If you are not patient, it is not God's will my dear, relax, get a glass of cold water and go to sleep. May the Lord grant you understanding. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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