Thursday, 26 October 2017

Mails that I receive from around the world.

I feel I should share one of hundred of emails that I receive everyday:

“Hi Olagunju Success, 

As I'm sure you're already aware, Bitcoin recently surged to a record high above $6,000 on billions in trading volume. In spite of the being scorned by the old guard, the global market’s message to the you and me is very clear: “Cryptocurrencies are here and they’re here to stay!”

And so, in time and with each new generation of Blockchain fintech developed (altcoins), the generic way of doing business will certainly die away. Still, this altcoin market is flooded with coins that don't actually do anything. It’s creators are, quite obviously, looking to just make a fast buck.

Here are 12 important attributes that set SXAS and The Saske Project apart:

  1. The project is well documented in a comprehensive White Paper.

  2. It presents fresh ideas on how cutting edge blockchain technology can be easily used to solve global problems other ICOs continue to turn a blind eye to.

  3. Its Use Cases address real needs with practical solutions.

  4. Well-defined project objectives: No other project comes close to fueling the independent economic growth and mobility of those whose suffering continues to be ignored.

  5. SXAS is the only digital currency with intrinsic, utilitarian value.

  6. SXAS has been specifically engineered to become the de facto currency for individuals and businesses alike all across the globe.

  7. Post-ICO, Nexus Labs is ready to give permanent jobs to multitudes, especially in up and coming economies where SXAS will do the most good.

  8. It is a real, long-term project with a very clear, practical and achievable roadmap for project development and implementation.

  9. Nexus Labs is led by a dedicated team of experts committed to achieving real-world results.

  10. The company is guided by an unassailable Business Vision and Model.

  11. Very low soft/hard caps. Just $550K (soft) and $1M (hard).

  12. Multiple channels exist for the community to ask questions, leave feedback and make helpful suggestions.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” So, over the next several several weeks to come, you and I will explore each and every single one of these 12 factors together so, instead of being devastated and left behind, you’re perfectly equipped to take full advantage of the new financial world emerging before your very eyes”. 

Posted by Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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