Friday, 6 October 2017


The alarming rate at which so many men of God shamelessly flirt, have affairs or sleep around is alarming! How do I start recounting stories of girls, ladies, young and married women lured, seduced, raped, impregnated and aborted for? 

My counselling sessions is filled with unbelievable stories of girls deflowered, manipulated, slept with and dumped! How can I start recalling stories of men of God who'd go somewhere to minister and end up rolling in sheets with daughters of Jezebels? Some are even sleeping with their daughters!
A man of God was ministering to Pastors and he made a call, that if there is any Pastor who has slept with his daughter should come out for prayer. It was not a call for adultery, it was a call for INCEST! Almost 200 Pastors came out! At a programme for young ladies, an altar call was made of anyone who has ever slept with her dad, over 500 girls came out, some of them were children of Pastors, Elders, Deacons, Bishops, Prophets or whatever! Something is seriously wrong somewhere!
Seeing men of God as untouchable celestial beings to avoid the wrath of God makes things worse! People are afraid to correct their Pastors because the Bible says "Touch not mine anointed and do my prophet no harm." That is, if he is anointed by God and he is God's prophet.
All manner of jobless people are now jumping into the church, blow off charisma for few weeks and become a Pastor within the twinkle of an eye. Being a Pastor seems the latest lucrative business! There are people who have no single relationship with God yet are becoming Pastors while naive, simpleton church members cling to their every word, shut their senses and become zombies! They do everything the man of satan ask them to do including stripping them naked and having sex with them! If any man of God ask you to do anything contrary to the word of God, do your 2 and 2 run for your destiny!
So many Pastors today are not called. They send themselves on errand with self acclaimed titles! They love being worshipped and like satan make themselves God in people's hearts. There are others who are genuinely called but got distracted along the way. The honour, respect, awe, adoration, reverence and worship people show them make them lose their senses and abuse the office of the Pastor especially those who have prophetic gifts. Because people cling to their prophesy without thinking, they start adding a little lie, a little manipulation, a little seduction until they become full blown liars and adulterers!
Don't get carried away by the honour people show you. Focus on God, remain humble and keep holy. You are there by grace and "shall we continue to sin that grace may abound?" Of course not!
Women, open your brain! Don't shut it when you sight a man or woman of God. Whenever I'm ministering, people tend to see me as a spotless angel who makes no single mistake. I am carried like a demi-god that must be worshipped and that makes me cringe! It creates a holy fear in me and run back to God for safety. When people see you as a God and you begin to act like one you have already fallen from grace! Soon, you will be thrown down from your throne and end up publicly disgraced. Remain humble, holy and truthful. Represent God in all truthfulness and do not take innocent women for granted.
Yes, there are Jezebels who are out there to destroy you. It is your fault if you sleep with them. God has given you all the tools you need to overcome. You are not a brainless spiritual weakling who become numb at the sight of a demon possessed woman and sleep with her. All these excuses I hear that women are seducing Pastors that's why they fell make me wonder whether they have Jesus in their lives. The Bible says "Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world!" Is satan greater than the God in you? Why should he overcome you? Why should he make you fall flat into adultery? If lust is not already in your heart, you won't do it.
Women of God also face sexual temptation! There are countless men who won't mind sleeping with you. If satan can't successfully use an unbeliever, he can use a believer or fellow ministers so be on the alert! Cut off any unwanted attention, affection and alliances! The Bible says, "Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life." Don't say it doesn't matter till you lose your reputation and integrity.
Young ladies and married women, be careful. Don't take any Pastor as your personal God or walking Bible. Married women should not obey their Pastors to the point of disobeying their husbands to please them. Respect your Pastor but Obeying God and honouring the word is the ultimate.
Don't visit a man of God if his wife is not at home. Don't cook for him, wash his clothes and take care of his children. Stop rendering unwanted home services! Stop helping him sweep his bedroom and lay his bed. What are you doing there for God's sake? Are you his wife? May the Lord grant you understanding.

©Seun Oladele

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