Sunday, 15 October 2017

Some lessons I learnt from my traveling experience to Akure.

Lesson 1: When you're in a fix, calm down before you act
Akure was the only southwestern part of Nigeria that I have never traveled to for over two decades I was born. 
I've heard about several places in Ondo state; FUTA (Federal University of Technology, Akure), Idanre Hills and so many places. But thank God I would be going there.
It was my brother's wedding ceremony. I took off from Oshodi and I was on my way there. Prior to my arrival in Akure, about fifteen minutes, I told the driver to please allow me charge my phone because my battery was low. I gave him and we continued with our journey.
After arriving my destination at Road block centre, few minutes drive from Ilesha park, I took a cab to where we were supposed to lodge only to get there and remember that I have forgotten my second phone.
It was my palasa BlackBerry Q10 phone o. That phone meant a lot to me ehn. It is my notepad, my mini laptop, my WiFi router and the likes.
It was over fifteen minutes. The driver must have been heading back to Lagos. Chai! What will I do?
1st thought: Calm down, you'll get your phone back.
2nd thought: How will you do it? Your Sim card? Your documents? Your memory card?
1st thought: Keep praying and be calm.
2nd thought: Relax. Call the driver back after thirty minutes.
I was praying and at the same time calling the phone. Unfortunately, the phone was on silent mode.
2nd thought: See your life!
I thought within myself, I don't forget things na. I'm not absent minded.
2nd thought: You better be praying about not forgetting things.
I kept praying in other tongues because I don't even know how to pray in my understanding without making worry-induced prayer. I was calling the phone until the driver picked the call after about fourteen minutes later. He told me to meet him at FUTA gate that he'd be waiting there for me. To summarize this epistle, I got back my phone after compensating the keeper.
Moral of the story.
1. Don't panic when you're tensive.
2. Be calm in your spirit to know which thought to follow.
3. Learn to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit.
4. Follow His voice without worrying.
More lessons to come, stay tuned.
Oluwamayowa Adeniyi.

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