Friday, 20 October 2017

Success: My definitions!

"My next level is not a demotion but a progressive promotion!" OST.

"I will not be deterred no matter how many blows I receive from life: my moving to the next level will not be compromised because there lies my success!" OST

"The path to success is peppered with landmines and one misstep...everything will blow up!" OST

"You can laugh our humble beginning(copy and paste) soon we'll take over South Africa....The shit they never know!" OST

"If only they could understand me that I gotta feed my fucking family.

In 2011 they left me to die but I only didn't survive.

I'm dominating till their country becomes mine." OST

"Success; my next level is around the corner: WAIT FOR IT!" OST

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo (OST)

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