Monday, 9 October 2017


I don't know why some women are very happy when they want to collect money from their husbands but when it comes to sex, they automatically become frigid and look like they've been sentenced to death by torture!
Some women can't just understand why their husbands become restless when he needs sex. I listen to women who call their husbands all sort of derogatory, debasing, low down names because he wants sex daily or three days a week! Yet she's the first to scream all men are dogs at the top of her lungs when the man looks for sex else where there by leading innocent young ladies astray!
Listen ladies, a man is wired to need sex and becomes restless around you till he has that sex. I'm talking about sex in marriage. Only prostitutes have sex with yellow, black and white in exchange for money. You are not a prostitute so zip up till you get married!
Your husband is not an animal! He is not a dog! He is not carnal neither has he backslidden! He is created to want sex, need sex, get hungry for sex, yearn for sex and become restless till he finds expression in you! You must understand this and release your body with joy whenever he needs you, that is what marriage is about.
Your body is no longer yours, it is his likewise his body belongs to you. That is why you need knowledge, you can't be ignorant and have a good marriage, it is not possible! Thank God for my dear husband's article yesterday on KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, it teaches us to get adequate knowledge about marriage before we suffer unnecessary hardship for life!
The way some women complain about sex is making so many men feel unnecessarily guilty and abnormal. One young married man asked me why men become desperate when they need sex, I simply told him, because he is wired that way, there is absolutely nothing wrong with him -NOTHING!
Single ladies, prepare for marriage with the mind to please your husband with your body. Don't mind some women who claim sex is painful, boring or all those negative stuff that gets me angry. Sex is sweet, okay? Orgasm is the greatest pleasure your husband can give you! When you satisfy your husband sexually, he will treat you with tenderness and affection. My husband treats me like his greatest treasure on earth!
Sex three days a week won't kill you likewise sex 7 days a week. Some men have it once a week, while some prefers twice. It depends on the kind of man you marry. If you pray well, God will give you a man whose libido matches yours!Trust me, if you understand your body well and you marry a man who genuinely loves you and knows how to make you enjoy sex, you will want to have sex every single day of your life! I don't know why women are running away from sex, this thing is sweet, abeg! Once I started enjoying sex, I looked forward to it every time! I don't mind having it daily (I follow my husband's schedule though). It is God's blessing and should be enjoyed not endured.
Word of caution here: SEX IS STRICTLY FOR THE MARRIED. If you try it outside marriage, you will regret it for the rest of your life. 100% guaranteed!!!
So my ladies, let's work on our mindset please. Your greatest sexual organ is your brain, work on it. Reject all the lies the devil tells you about your husband. See the good in him, see God in him and celebrate him with your body. Have sex whenever you can with him, both of you will be happier for it and your marriage will move to a new level of bliss.

Love you always! Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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