Monday, 9 October 2017


Virginity is not an old school mentality, it is an eternal mentality. It is a very rare treasure that singles should protect with every ounce of their blood. It holds numerous benefits and if you are fortunate to still have yours, CONGRATULATIONS!

1. It builds your self-esteem. Illicit sex destroys self-esteem faster than anything else.

2. You succeed easily.You are not distracted by the thoughts of the guys who have used you and dumped you or haunted by the thought of the ladies whose hearts you have broken, battered and shattered!

3. You preserve your glory. People who give their virginity to the wrong men/women have to claim
it back with tears.

4. You are bold, audacious, attractive and desirable.

5. Your husband/wife will honour you.

6. It builds your spouse's trust till forever. Regardless of what the media says, Captain Ekehinde will never divorce his wife. Actress Omotola Jolade Ekehinde married as a virgin. When a woman lied against Dr. Ben Carson that he had a sexual affair with her which resulted in a child, no one believed her. His wife was the ONLY woman he ever slept with in his entire life. He married as a virgin!

7. You will enjoy marital sex.You have never had previous experience any where and there is no one to compare your spouse with. You also climax easily (don't ask me for details). As a man, you last long in bed and make sex very enjoyable for your wife.

8. You are free from guilt, shame and regret. Illicit sex is a stigma no amount of tears can wash.

9. You are free from soul tie and demonic invasion through illicit sex.

10. God is happy with you...

11. There you go honey, keep it, guard it, protect and don't allow some lusty little demon up the pit snatch it from you. It's your pride, guard it with care. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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