Monday, 23 October 2017


Okay, you went to his house, you were both talking dirty. He did a little romance, no, you asked for a kiss, he kissed you, his hormones caught fire, he wanted to finish the job but you said NO, actually, you moaned NO and weakly pushed him away while parting your thigh and he finished the job, IS THAT RAPE?
You were talking in the dark, his hands were performing signs and wonders on you, you enjoyed it, he got the message, flung you to the floor and finished off, IS THAT RAPE?
You carried those two legs to your fiance's house, changed in front of him, no bra, no pant, you slept beside him and even cuddled him in the night, now that he wants sex, you suddenly remembered you are born again and whispered NO while rubbing your chest against him, now that he is done with his mission and has dumped you, you come crying he raped you, YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS!
For those animals out there who called themselves human beings and rape innocent ladies, curse be upon you and your children to the fifth generation if you do not repent! You can't make a parent weep over their daughters and not weep over your children, you better repent before it is too late!
How dare you use a lady's dressing as an excuse to strip her of her dignity and honour! How dare you turn her happiness to shreds because of the untamed animal instinct within you! Curse be upon you, if you do not repent!!!
And for those ladies who will be parading themselves up and down like okrika clothes thrown on the ground for cheap sale, repackage yourself! We are tired of seeing those sagged breasts you are using push up bras to pack and throw in our faces. If it has any value, you won't chase men around with it, obviously, they don't need it. You are scared no one wants you, you chase harder, they suck you dry and dump you like trash. You get up and repeat the same circle, aren't you tired?
Stop telling me your boyfriend/fiancee raped you, okay? No one asked you to have a boyfriend instead of facing your studies or watch a romantic movie with your fiance in the dark on a rainy night. You ought to know you will soon test positive to a pregnancy test.
Enough of all these stupid excuses singles give up and down for having pre-marital sex, I'm sick and tired of it!
Listen, you don't want sex? Stay off anyone or anything that triggers sexual desire, it's as simple as that. You don't want to rape? Mind what you look at and who you allow to come closer to you, it's as simple as that. A little word is enough for the wise! Cheers!

© Seun Oladele,

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