Wednesday, 4 October 2017


A virtuous woman is never a waster. She knows how to manage resources! She knows how to maximize the little she has while praying for open doors for her husband.
Marriage goes through seasons: the season of abundance, the season you have to manage and the season there is nothing!
You may marry a man working in an oil company with loads of cash to waste. The day he loses the job is the day you realize, life isn't a one way traffic. And you may marry a man struggling on a 20k salary who suddenly wins a contract worth millions or get a highly paying job with perks, company car and more! Learn to handle each season with wisdom.
Don't be a waster lady! Learn to save, learn to invest, learn to keep money. Learn to manage resources.
Be versatile, be flexible, be an all rounder. Know how to cook a delicious soup with #300 as well as #3000. There are women who completely break down and turn to pathetic failures when their husbands experience a financial down turn. Instead of managing the little they have while praying and trusting God for financial breakthrough, the woman runs back to her dad/brothers or uncle for help there by exposing and disgracing her husband. some women even sleep around because they cannot manage the little their husband has.
To marry with the hope that you will always have everything you want to the point of wasting resources is to live in a fool's paradise. To everything there is time and season.
There are seasons you will eat turkey, chicken, catfish, bush meat, goat meat, and have food stocked everywhere in your house and there are seasons you will make do with panla, ponmo and sawa. Thank Jesus for every season and maintain a good attitude towards your spouse.
There are seasons you will buy clothes every year and there are seasons you will manage the ones you have. There are also seasons you will have to manage bend down select and there are seasons, you will be ordering for clothes from Italy. To everything there is time and season.
Maintain a positive attitude anywhere you find yourself. Your attitude determines your altitude in life. Don't abuse your husband. Don't disgrace him. Don't compare him with neighbours, your ex, your dad or brothers. Rather encourage him, support him and pray for him. Be a gracious and grateful person. Be positive minded, be a virtuous woman.
May the good Lord give you the wisdom, grace and strength to be a true wife and mother worth celebrating, emulating and appreciating in Jesus' name. 

© Seun Oladele

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