Monday, 16 October 2017

Wits Student's Death: My account before the jump!

Peace Kago Moeng; one of many students in Braamfontein who committed suicide on last Saturday’s night left me heart-broken.

After feeling disappointed that Arsenal lost to Watford from away, I rambled around my neighborhood. This is my regular wont every Saturday night. Lo and behold, I saw a young lady standing upright on a balcony alone. I asked myself “what’s going on?!” 

I stopped and I alerted two of NBC’s securities to call the police and they told me “they are doing that right away!’ If they did as they said I cannot tell! 

Few minutes later I saw one South Point security, the very one on duty on that night;  he told me "one of his colleagues is currently talking to her not to do the jump!"

I had in my hand; a can of apple cider drink and I remembered shouting and signaling to her “please don’t do this!” She looked down on me and other people gathering around. All I could do was to pray. I prayed and prayed and it seems my prayers worked as I saw her sat down on the balcony backing us on top of the sixth floor. What a huge relief even though she sat delicately.

I was waiting anxiously to see her clamp down but it never happened. A few minutes later, a young man said to me: “Leave her alone; some people need attention!” I saw the guy walked past but after I interpreted his comment; I decided to walk away that night.

Only to go back to NBC’s security check point next day in the afternoon to ask if the girl was rescued but the contrary was the case: “She jumped!”  
The 19 year old, Wits student; found no peace in her heart to forgive life, herself or whoever!

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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