Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Prepare well for sex before you get married! You must have regular sex in marriage whether you feel like it or not. What? yeah! There are days heavens know you have no single libido left, hitting and pounding is the last thing at the back of your skull. Your whole body ache from head to toe and nothing you need badly at that moment like a sweet, sound sleep! Then hubby suddenly found you by his side, roves his eyes all over your body like freshly baked bread and wanna devour you like a sweet smelling sacrifice, what will you do? Have that sex of course!
A successful marriage involves two parties who constantly make sacrifice for each other. You don't joke with sex in marriage! Libido is not something you play with. Denying your spouse sex is playing with fire! You either give them the sex or watch your best friend impregnate your wife! It is a two way thing. As long as you are not sick or tired, you shouldn't deny your husband sex. As long as nothing is wrong with you physically, you shouldn't deny your wife sex.
Many singles think marriage is a place you can behave anyhow, that's childish! Marriage is not a place you act as you like, it is a place you act as you should!
Yes, your husband should understand you when you are sick and tired, understandable! Yes, your wife should give you a break when you are fatigued, understandable, but when it has to do with low desire and nothing else, you have to step up your desire or simply make sacrifice to accommodate your spouse!
Many men are starving their wives sex and wonder why she's running after men. Many women use lack of sexual desire to starve their husbands sex for weeks and months on end and wonders why he has an affair!
There are days both of you will have hot desire for sex and can't wait to pounce on each other, thank God for it and enjoy every bit of it, and there are days one of you just don't feel like it while the other is seriously burning, yearning, desiring, hungry and out rightly begging to have sex, make the sacrifice!
Singles, you need to prepare your mind to please your spouse and make them happy within your capacity. Genuine love seek the happiness of others!
I and hubby don't joke with this area of our lives. Heavens know I like sex with hubby. That thing is just plain delicious and I always look forward to the next episode, I can't do without it in a week but there are days (rare though) the libido goes down below zero and no single desire to be touched, talk less of sex, I still respond to my lover and hubby never takes it for granted. He is extra-ordinarily tender and appreciates me profusely after.
There are days hubby just don't feel like it; very busy, lots of things on his mind, tired or needing rest, yet, he wouldn't say no. Once he finds me restless, he calms me down and I keep saying thank you every time I have the opportunity to do so.
Yes, rest whenever you need to. Understand when your spouse needs rest and allow them to rest or recover from the illness but when it is becoming a habit to stay off sex just because you don't feel like it while your spouse is almost burning to death, you need to review that attitude. May the Lords grant you understanding. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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