Wednesday, 8 November 2017


Ladies, don't expose yourself to rape. The way some ladies dress these days can make a man "pee" in his pants, honestly!
Your body structure determines what you wear. Some say "If you've got it, flaunt it!" That's crazy! Why must you flaunt what is already there? We are not blind, we can see it already, you don't need to expose it, it's already shooting out!
If you are busty, you can't wear any low neckline, you will cause accidents on the road. Medium and small busted women can wear mid-low and it will look great, extremely low neckline is a NO-NO for any lady!
Please, cover your thigh especially when it is massive! Why must you expose large chunks of flesh before you feel beautiful? Deal with low self esteem a beg, these things won't attract serious minded guys to you.
Only prostitutes wear bum shorts on the road. If you must wear panty hose (tight/leggings), ensure the top is big and covers your bum down to your thigh, you look more mature and attractive that way.
Crazy jeans makes you look crazy, please stop spreading madness.
There is a new trend going on now. Some ladies go about without pant or bra for only God knows why! Perhaps to help the rapist easily find his way, please, stop that, it's trashy!
Transparent clothes makes you look like a prostitute, wear under wear please.
All those who call themselves slay queens needs to be slain by the conviction of the Holy Spirit, God seriously need to slay your foolishness before those rapists slay your life permanently!
Rapists have no single excuse to rape! To use her dressing as an excuse is to deserve at least 10 years in Aro Neuro Psychiatric home where your head need to be thoroughly examined! Even dogs don't jump at every bitches on the road, why you with a medulla Oblongata? We have already decreed curses on rapists, so shall it be, in Jesus name!
Kings don't marry prostitutes. If you must attract a king you must dress like a queen. Have you ever seen queen Elizabeth dress like a whore? May the Lord grant you understanding. God bless you, cheers!

©Seun Oladele

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