Friday, 24 November 2017


Photo source: Blanca Calvo Boixet
"Home Braamfontein" is a photography research project that explores the concept of home. The project looks at how each of us make a space (a room, an apartment, etc) become our home.  The project is a continuation of a project that Urbanists for Equity (u4E) started in May 2016 called 1 Neighbourhood 1 Building 1 Home ( 1N1B1H looked at a building called Civic Towers as a representation of Braamfontein as a whole and consisted of a collection of stories, data from a survey and pictures. In this second phase of the project, we are only continuing with photography to capture the essence of our homes. Karolina Sobel ( artist and photorapher from Poland) is working in the project.

We are looking for people who live in Braamfontein and would be willing to be part of the project. The idea is to have some exhibition (we still are trying to decide the most adequate format for it) in the area. For now, the pictures are being collected in a facebook page:

We have only covered Civic Towers and Noswell Student Res but the idea is to cover all sorts of different accommodation in the area. The project also includes portraits of the residents which for now have been kept private.

By Blanca Calvo Boixet

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