Friday, 10 November 2017


See, when a guy likes you, he likes you, if you call him 60 times per hour, your call gives him pleasure and he enjoys it. If a man doesn't like you, call him once in an hour, you are seriously disturbing him and wants you out of his way. The problem now is, most ladies are desperately running after guys who are simply not interested in them and make themselves cheaply available to him.
If you want to learn how to handle a man, you learn from a man, not just a woman. That is why it is good to have opposite sex friends as singles, it will help you know how to handle your spouse in future! That question I asked guys on who they think a cheap/desperate lady is is very deliberate. Their responses are practical, though some went overboard. A wise woman will learn from those priceless information and work on her weaknesses!
There is a difference between being friendly and CHASING a guy and a man knows when you are chasing him! If you treat that guy the same way you treat everyone and you don't care how he views it, you are just being friendly. But of your heart palpates at the mere mention of his name, you always look forward to seeing him, you are the FIRST to call, to chat, to seek his house address, ask questions about his EX, seek to meet his parents and families, do all his laundering without him even asking, spend the night in his house, have sex every time with him, my dear, if no one has ever told you this truth before, hear it clearly now, YOU ARE CHEAP!
My counselling sessions is filled with ladies who are heartbroken over and over again by men who are simply not interested in them, simple!
If a man likes you, he will reciprocate. Love is mutual, it is not one sided. If he doesn't like you, he will be cold. Get that signal, save your dignity, move back and pray for a man who values and and appreciate your worth!
Being in a relationship where you both love each other doesn't mean you should barge in and out of the man's life. Men like women who are in control of their emotions.
Yes, a new found love can be so exhilarating. No matter how you feel, press your heart and calm down. Don't call him 60 times an hour, in the middle of board meeting, while writing a professional exam or simply busy in the office, men hate it when their work is unnecessarily disturbed!
Ask him, the time he is free during work and call him during those free hours. Same rules apply to men. Don't call her every 2 minutes while at work, respect office hours. Respect work. Read Ecclesiastes 3. To every thing there is time and season. There is a time for work, time to play, time to pray and time to catch fun.
Respecting other's time is a sign of maturity and a high value for other's time, relationship and work ethics.
Yes, be friendly. Smile at men, show love, care and respect but darling, if that guy is not returning your affection, don't push it, that is being desperate. Read the engaged and singles' section of my ebook: LIES THAT BREAK MARRIAGES, it's just #500. It will help you know which relationship to keep and which to end. May the lord grant you understanding. God bless you, cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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