Monday, 27 November 2017


A girl sent me a message this evening :"Please, pray for me. I have fallen into the sin of fornication; now, I'm pregnant and the owner denied it."

"Why didn't you ask for help before sleeping with him?" I asked.

"It's a mistake. It can happen to anyone." She responded, then blocked me off. I simply shook my head.

What type of prayer does she want me to pray? Is it for the owner to accept the pregnancy and she goes into premature marriage or she should receive grace to carry the baby through nine months or beg her not to have an abortion? The lady who asked me if anything is wrong with her vagina as her boyfriend found it too tight to have sex is a member of VTM, she later told me that.

I'm a down to earth practical woman who don't know how to pamper, no one walks close to me and misbehave, I don't tolerate it. When my 20 something years old brother was living with me, I seized his phone, no social media anything till he behaves. I had to knock some weaknesses out of him and turn him to a gentleman. He now runs his blog, has a thriving football group on the social media with tens of thousands of fans and he is an aspiring professional footballer. I'm so proud of him!

A lot of girls/boys are looking for Pastors to pamper their sin. That is why moral decadence is every where despite more churches every where and hundreds of thousands of preachers preaching the word daily! It is only the truth that will set you free. I am a messenger of truth and I will never compromise that for anything.

Some of you are here, active bonafide members of VTM, you read all the life changing articles yet still fornicate in secret, may the Lord deliver you!

It's a pity she didn't wait for counselling to end before barging off. If you are pregnant here, please, surrender your heart to Jesus. Ask daily for grace to carry that pregnancy. Pray for divine help. Do not abort that pregnancy because God has a great plan for you and that child. Thank God Ronaldo, Pastor E. A Adeboye, Ben Carson and great men and women were not aborted by their mothers. Do not go into pre-mature marriage with that guy. Many ladies get beaten, battered and sometimes killed by men who were not ready for marriage but were forced into it by unwanted pregnancy.

People will ridicule, mock and make jest of you but it's for a season. As long as you have GENUINELY repented and followed God with all your heart, He will see you through, send you divine helpers, grant you safe delivery, take care of that child and in future, send you a good husband who will love you the way you are and accept that child as his own.

No sex is by mistake. There is nothing like that. Always seek for help before it is too late. We have enough counsellors here. Feel free to ask anyone for help before you do something you will later regret. May you not enter the pit of fornication in Jesus' name. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele, 2017.

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