Thursday, 9 November 2017


Some men are proud, no doubt about that but every man has an ego no matter how humble he is. When I asked ladies what turn them off in a man, aside dirt, lies and cheating, most mentioned pride, I noticed some where confusing inherent ego with pride.
God created men with in built ego. He needs that ego to be a man and succeed. I didn't say pride, I said ego! It is this ego that gives him confidence, take, charge, be a leader in relationships and be the head of his home. A man must be the head in marriage if he must be happy. That is the way God made him.
What then do you do with this ego? Massage it (I didn't say massage him). Praise him, admire him, compliment him, appreciate him, honour him, respect him, value him! That is why he seems to be boasting, he is hungry for your praise! He is not taking correction? He wants you to compliment before correcting him! He is commanding you up and down? He wants submission.
Don't treat a man like a woman, that is why you were attracted to him in the first place, his ruggedness drew your attention!
This is not excusing men with pride. Looking down on people, calling shots, being stubborn, arrogant, cocky, snobbish, rude and abusive is out of it. If the guy shows this attributes, you should dump him fast! He is a potential wife batterer!
Men with a healthy ego acknowledge their women. They admire, praise, compliment, listen to them and take advise when necessary yet are in charge of the relationship, have confidence and are good leaders with good examples.
Nurse your man's ego, respect him, praise him, admire him and he will honour you for life!
May the Lord grant you understanding, God bless you, cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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