Sunday, 12 November 2017


It's not about saying sweet nothings. Play boys know how to use those romantic lines to land you in bed. I guess they learnt that from king Solomon, he was the grand master at seducing and sleeping with women. Solomon could literally strip you naked with words. He was so good at it you won't know when you have fallen head over heels in love with him (Songs of Solomon 2:2). Lest I forget, he was a handsome dude too. He combined the ruggedness of his father, king David and the stunning beauty of his mother, queen Baasheba plus supernatural wisdom and untold wealth, King Solomon was not the kind of man any woman could resist. With his libido exceptionally high, it is understandable he ended up with 300 wives and 700 concubines!
The uncommon lover is not after your pant, he is after your heart. If you truly love that lady brother, pre-marital sex wont crawl any where near your brain, you won't think about it at all. You will want to keep her, protect her, respect her and preserve her till the wedding night.
The uncommon lover makes sacrifices for you. He does not make life difficult for you to please himself, he rather suffers to ensure you are happy and fulfilled. Lots of selfish lovers are out there today. You will hear, " I can't kill myself for one girl. I will enjoy myself before another guy snatches her." Such a young man is a devil! Any guy who asks you for pre-marital sex is out to destroy your destiny, pick race!
The uncommon lover is godly, holy and lure. They do not entertain sin neither will they encourage you to do things that are wrong. They rather correct you in love and encourage you to live a life that is holy and pleasing to the Lord.
The uncommon lover is gentle, loving and tender towards you. They are not rough, rude and harsh! A woman who genuinely loves you will not be rude, abusive, abrasive, crass, crude, outright rude, proud and pompous!
The uncommon lover is interested in your physical, academic, financial, and spiritual progress. They always do everything in their power to ensure they leave you far better than they met you.
The uncommon lover gives without asking for anything in return.
The uncommon lover will never ask for premarital sex.
The uncommon lover loves God and hates sin. He practices 1 Cor 13:4-8 in his relationship with you. The lady also practices this to her man.
The uncommon lover easily forgives your mistakes, they do not keep malice.
The uncommon lover is generous, they are not stingy and selfish!
The uncommon lover is an intercessor, they pray for you daily.
The uncommon lover is faithful to you, they do not flirt neither do they use strange pictures as their profile picture.
The uncommon lover is like Jesus who while we were yet sinners died for us. Can you lay down your life for her? Can you sacrifice your comfort for him? Can you help them become all what God wants them to be?. Can you control your sexual urge till the wedding night? Can you stay away from sin?
Until you affirmatively say YES to all these questions, you are not yet ready for marriage.
Marriage is for two uncommon lovers who sacrifices a lot to make their spouses uncommon people, uncommon stars and celebrities in the world. It takes lots of sacrifice to help your spouse become a star. Are you ready for such sacrifice? May the Lord grant you understanding.

By Oladele Seun.

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