Monday, 6 November 2017


Because our society is "hush hush", women are not allowed to voice their anger, frustration, pain and suffering. Lest she be seen as un virtuous, many women keep mute and suffer silently in their marriages!
Understand that she is human! Women get angry too! You are not the only one entitled to anger because you have muscles! You often run her mad with your insensitivity, abuse, cheating, lies and selfishness, to ask her to bottle all these and not express her pain is to practically drive her insane!
Understand that women have sexual temptation too. You are not the only one seeing better looking ladies. She sees more handsome men, she sees the richer, nicer, more loving, caring and tender. She chose to take her eyes off and stick to you! Why can't you do same for her?
Some men erroneously think, because their wives have given birth to children, no man will look at her again. Excuse me! There are men dying for your your wife! There are guys who wish they could do justice to her curves! There are men who burn with hot sexual desire when they see her even though she did nothing to turn them on! There are men who are ready to spoil her with money, perks and other benefits. There are men silently salivating, begging, pleading, crying for just five minutes pleasure, to release all the silent arousal they've had for her for months and years on end. Yet, she stuck to you, faithful to the letter! You ignore her, treat her like trash, go about with lousy girls, sleep around and even abuse, beat and starve her! Man, you are wicked!
Understand that she also has sexual desires, she is not just as expressive and demanding as you! Understand that just going in and coming out makes her sore and hate sex altogether. Understand that she needs more romance than sex! She needs at least 20 minutes in foreplay to receive you.
Understand that you need extra effort to give her orgasm! Orgasm is scarce in many marriages, once you can send her to orbit regularly, she will enjoy having sex with you over and over again.
Understand that contraceptives have side effects, limit the effects by using condom once in a while, it won't kill you. Withdrawal is also okay if you can master it.
Understand that she goes through monthly cycle and may occasional scream or act irrational, be quick to forgive her and know that her loving days are coming.
Understand that a woman's body image affects her self esteem, do not use her sensitive body parts to abuse her, after all that's not the way you marry her. No matter how firm and beautiful a woman's body is, it will change after child birth. Lovingly accept her, admire her, praise her and enjoy her. You are aging too, yet she's not complaining!
Rescue her from your mother and siblings, don't allow them to abuse or beat her while you watch, it's inhuman! She's your wife, not your slave!
Understand that she needs to look good. It makes her feel good about herself and people will also praise you for taking care of your wife, spend on her!
Understand that a woman's past does not determine her future. Don't ill treat her because of her past mistakes, treat her well because of the great future ahead of you both. You have a past too yet she loves you with all your mess, flaws and weaknesses!
Understand that women fall in love with men who communicate with them, always talk to and listen to your wife!
Understand that a woman wants to completely trust and defend her husband. Always be truthful and honest with her in all your dealings, she will trust, respect and value you for life!
Encourage her to share her heart with you when she make mistakes. Women hate pretence and lies, she can't keep it for life, it is the fear of what you will do to her that makes her hide and tells lies a lot.
If you will lovingly forgive, advise and encourage her whenever she falls short or make mistakes, she will honestly open all her heart to you every single day of her life, completely naked, hiding nothing.

By Oladele Seun.

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