Thursday, 30 November 2017


Lots of headache, frustration, unnecessary quarrel would be avoided if men will learn to understand women. Living with a woman is not difficult at all, ignorance, immaturity and unrealistic expectations makes a man see his precious fiancee/ wife as a devil, demon or witch!
Here are things women do that make them appear difficult but they are not, you just need to understand us.
1. WOMEN GET IRRITATED AND ANGRY BEFORE THEIR MENSTRUATION and may even be screaming, yelling or throwing things at you. You are not her problem, her cycle is. It is immaturity to bicker with her, shout her down or call her names because her system is disorganized. Immature men are huge disaster in relationships. Calm down. Respond to her calmly. Hold her hand or put your arms around her. Hug her a lot. Women need plenty of it during this period (physical touch is limited to the married).
2. SHE OFTEN GETS HORNY: Her cycle is also responsible; sometimes emotional upsurge. If you are single and courting and she's smothering you with hugs, kisses and affection, don't allow it. She's not in her right frame of mind. Help her by getting out of that tempting environment. If you are married, respond to her. She needs passionate love making at this period to calm her down. Some men don't get it when their wives use her body to ask for sex. If she's pulling you close, running her hands all over you, and giving unwanted pecks, you should get the message. You don't need to wait for her to ask. Women rarely ask for sex. It takes some boldness to do that.
3. SHE GETS FRUSTRATED AND ANGRY when you keep hurting her over and over again with your bad habit you refuse to change.
5. SHE EXPERIENCES MOOD SWINGS. She may be laughing in the morning, cry in the afternoon and be very nice at night. Women being emotional beings often experience mood swings. Because you are not as emotional as her, this may annoy you. Don't be, it is temporal, it will go with time.
6. WOMEN ARE MOVED BY WHAT THEY HEAR: That's why the naive ones fall for play boys. If you are courting, do not say anything romantic, it may turn her on. "I love you " is okay. "I admire you a lot" is decent. Anything like "your smile is gonna kill me completely" is off it. "You've got killer curves" is extreme, "your hips are so sexy" has killed her completely. If you genuinely love her, don't say things that will turn her on.
In marriage, you must deliberately say romantic words that turns her on for sex. Hubby knows how to get me in the mood. Just 2 or 3 sentences, my night is made!
7. WOMEN LIKE TO BE TAKEN CARE OF: Even if she's a billionaire, she still wants you to spend on her. It's a sign you really love and do care for her. She's not being greedy or lazy, she's just expressing her nature. We are created to receive, take and look up to our men. We feel loved that way.
8. WOMEN WANT MEN TO ASSIST WITH CHORES: It makes you look so adorable. When you are involved in things that matters to her, she will cherish you for life!
9 WOMEN WEAR WHAT IS NEEDED NOT WHAT THEY HAVE: A woman may complain she has no shoe to wear to an occasion, yet has 10 pairs on her shoe rack. What she means is, she does not have the perfect match for her clothe. While you may wear one pair of shoe to all occasion, women simply can't. She's not being extravagant. We are simply made that way.
10: WOMEN TAKE TIME TO DRESS and may be late for an occasion when you plan to go out together. Give her extra time to dress. If you are to leave home by 10am, prepare early. Give her one hour earlier (9am) to prepare while you do your preparing at your normal time. While a man may finish dressing up within 15 minutes, a woman may need 40 minutes for the foundation, make up, adjust her clothe, tie the headgear, find the shoes and jewelries that match her clothe, etc. Screaming at her to hurry up may spoil her day, just handle her with wisdom. Give her extra time to prepare.
11. WOMAN ARE CONCERNED ABOUT THEIR BODY so please, don't use her physical weakness to abuse her. Women fall in love over and over again with men who appreciate their beauty. I thought I had a big set of teeth until hubby told me he loves my dentition. He says it's well set and makes me look so beautiful when I smile. I love flashing my beautiful set of teeth now.
12. WOMEN HATE LIES AND DECIET :you lose your respect and worth in her eyes when you lie, cheat and deceive her a lot.
13. WOMEN ARE INTUITIVE and therefore can pick from their spirits when something goes wrong or about to go wrong. She may not have a logical way to say it. She just knows by intuition that what you are about doing may end up a big disaster or huge success. She may not always be correct but she most times is correct and accurate. Men who want to go far in life must listen to their wives before embarking on certain journey, investments or relationships. Pray well and seek God's face before you proceed. Some men have experienced huge financial loss, untimely death and avoidable fatal accidents because they refused to listen to their wives' advice, plea and warning.
I could go on and on but time won't permit me. It takes knowledge to live with a woman.
The Bible says, "dwell with her according to KNOWLEDGE". Read good books on how to understand a woman, it will help you lot.
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©Seun Oladele

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