Thursday, 7 December 2017


Take a look back at your life. Appreciate God for taking you this far. Develop a grateful attitude, thank God every single day of your life for preserving your breath.

You are not receiving oxygen to breathe, your two legs are not broken. Your two eyes can see, your hands can move. You can hear very well. You are not in the emergency ward in any hospital. 

You are not in Igbobi hospital. You are not at Aaro Psychiatric hospital. Your heart can breath. You are not lying on a sick bed asking Nigerians to send you money for your recovery! 

You are not lost. You are not in the kidnappers den hoping you return alive. You are normal. You are eating. You are urinating and defecating without aid. They are not passing tube through your mouth before you eat. You are not dead, you are not in the mortuary. You are alive! With the hope of a better 2018!

Don't be an ingrate my brother and sister. This not the time to grumble about what went wrong in your life. This is the time to appreciate him for preserving you for a better future.

You were jilted in your relationship so you could meet your best spouse in 2018! Your finance crashed so you could have the wisdom, energy and wisdom to make the millions and billions in 2018. Your marriage experienced crises so you could appreciate, celebrate, love, forgive and enjoy your spouse more in 2018! "All things works together for good to them that love God and are called according to his purpose."

Do you have a grateful heart? Are you ready to appreciate God for a glorious 2017? Are you ready to thank him for the wondrous miracles he has wrought in your life without charging a dime? If you do please, shout this loud and clear: 

"THANK YOU JESUS!!!" As you do so, expect more miracles and blessings from Him before this year runs out and all through 2018 in Jesus' name.

© Seun Oladele.

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