Monday, 11 December 2017


Have you ended an unwanted relationship yet you are missing your lover terribly? You are human, naughty things often happen to human beings.
Like a flash, you remembered those heart to heart talks, the sweet nothings, compliments, admiration, praise, help etc and your soul long to have that experience back though the relationship is wrong and you know it will ruin you if you go back? Like I said, we are humans and shit sometimes happen!
Perhaps it is the sex you missed, the romance, the cuddles, the touch and hugs, you are human, it is understandable.
Not withstanding, you must call your head back home! Temptations start with ideas, thoughts and imaginations, that's where you defeat it. You don't allow it to take root, you uproot it immediately! You get up from your couch, settee or sofa, pace around, pray in the spirit, say some positive words into your life until every evil thought leaves you.

If you are missing your lover boy/mistress terribly as a married person, deal with it. That is not the time to run towards your lover but towards your spouse!
Learn to face reality. This relationship won't do you any good that is why you ended it, don't go back to your vomit.
Pre-marital sex and extra-marital sex are some of the most damaging things you you can do in your relationship! You create soul tie that keeps haunting you years after the relationship has ended. It is the reason you are missing the sex and cuddles. Avoid illicit sex like plague! Never be caught dead in it!
Fill your mind daily with the word. When your mind is renewed you will not entertain sin and lust.
You will not fall into sexual temptation in Jesus' name. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun.Oladele

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