Thursday, 7 December 2017


The way some people talk about marriage, you will think you are going to a war zone not a place filled with love, bliss and indescribable pleasure! Some preachers are good at scaring the singles away from marriage in the name of telling them the "truth." Which truth? God never created marriage for problems, he didn't create it to be a burden, a bundle of sorrow and eternal regret. He created it to make life easy and better for you. "Two are BETTER than one" is what the bible says.

Every area of your life becomes better after marriage. That is the truth! Some claim marriage is not easy, there will be conflict, sickness, disaster, etc, etc. Look, whether married or not, life has its own challenges. You marry or stay single, you will face challenges. You don't marry and live with your parents forever, you will have conflict with them. These are normal life experiences and no big deal about it. We should deal with them and get matured! It's babyish to wine and cry about every challenge one faces in marriage. Excuse me, take a glass of cold water, sleep, relax your head and deal with this problems, there is no big deal about it okay?

We should stop lying against marriage. Marriage does not have any problem of its own. People create problems, bring them into marriage and lie against marriage it is the one causing problems.

I've never had any marital problem. If I had one, stupidity caused it not my dear husband. We don't have crises, we don't have sleepness nights. We are more in love than ever. I'm crazy about my man, he is madly in love with me. Sex is hot, passionate, sweet and explosive! I love sex more and wouldn't mind having it daily! Where people get the satanic doctrine from that you will get tired of sex, get bored of your spouse and swim from one disaster to another, I simply don't understand because it's not written any where in my Bible!

Father Abraham was madly in love with Sarah till he died. Isaac loved Rebecca, Jacob was madly in love with Rachael. Every crises they faced was not caused by the marriage, it was caused by their personal weaknesses they refused to deal with. Let's get this clear please!

Bottom line for singles. Marriage is sweet. Filled with pleasure, laughter and joy.

Work on your weaknesses. Learn how to have a good relationship with people. Learn how to live a victorious Christian life through the word. Learn to appreciate, celebrate, respect and honour your spouse. Learn how to deal with your challenges, trials and temptations. You will live a happy and healthy life and your marriage will be sweeter than honey. That is the truth. God bless you. 


© Seun Oladele

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