Monday, 11 December 2017


Thank God for the on going education on lost hymen, I mean, no hymen in some virgins, everyone is happy about the info. I've also written an expansive article on it and sure some virgins have no hymen but excuse me sister, before you go jubilating over some beautiful lies to cook to your fiance, know that the percentage of those who lack hymen are few, very very few.
In all my counselling years, I'm yet to meet or chat with a lady without hymen, they sure exist but I have not met one.
For guys who are worry sick about hymen. Pray that the good Lord gives you a truthful, honest lady because some ladies now have a powerful weapon to back their lies. You have slept with 10 guys, went on sexual fasting for a year plus, your vag closed up and you are now cooking some stories, is okay.
Brother, listen. You will know a virgin when you see one okay? Not all ladies tell lies. Honest virgins exist who will not sell their conscience for a wedding ring.
Here are the signs this lady is a virgin though on the wedding night you discover she lacked hymen.
1. SHYNESS: Virgins are shy when it comes to sexual matters especially for the first time. If she's looking straight into your eyeball, daring you, gazing with anticipation at your manhood and licking her fingers off ready to pounce on you, I doubt she is a true daughter of virgin Mary! Yes, we should be bold on the wedding night but come on, for a virgin, there are still some reservations.
2. IT'S TIGHT: few years of sexual fasting can tighten it but of course with a little difference. A virgin's holy of holies is tight, strong and firm. You will need some effort to pay a nice visit the first time.
3. WINCE: Because no one has ever passed through her door, you will notice some level of discomfort when you attempt to pass. She's shy, she's trying to cover (she's used to covering up all her life) at the same time trying to open up to you.
Some ladies are perfect actresses though but no matter how hard she tries, there are some things she can't fake.
Ladies, you will do well to always speak the truth so when he discovers hymen is missing, he will find it easy to believe you because you never tell lies but if you are a chronic, blatant, incorrigible, shameless and unrepentant liar, God Himself might need to come down and prove your innocence.
You will do yourself a great deal of favour to steer clear of necking, petting, romancing and pre-marital sex. Staying 100% pure will help you to prove your virginity without stress.
What's the big deal about virginity, is it important in marriage? How will you feel if you are the first and only man to "open" your wife's "eye"? Some trust issues are automatically cleared.
If you've had sex in the past, let your fiance know, so he can know what to expect on the wedding night. It also helps him respect and trust you for being honest and truthful. Men love honest women.
Your own husband will accept you the way you are, the wrong man will leave. Never force a man to marry you. Don't tell lies to win his love. It will backfire one day.
Be true to yourself and the Lord will favour you with your perfect soul mate at the right time. God bless you. 


© Seun Oladele

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