Friday, 22 December 2017


A true life short-story: (MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE).

During my years of working for a nation-wide-based, famous, fast-food company in Nigeria in early 2000. I was motivated to work for this company that I also bought some shares into.

Unknowingly to our general manager and the senior and junior management team members, I, a share holder; was employed as a service attendant. 

Basically, my main job is to serve fast-food to customers and attend to the needs (food and job related questions) of our general manager and the rest of our managements team members when they pay us a visit. 

I always feel glad with appraisal notes that both our numerous customers and leaders of the company leave behind whenever I serve them.

I see them as leaders until the day I attended one of our AGM meetings that happened to take place close to where I stay. 

When the notice of our annual general meeting came through my postal address I was excited that I would be able to attend for the first time. I asked my supervisor to put my off day on that particular day which she did.

Lo and behold, I was seated among the prestigious shareholders of the same company I work for. To my greatest surprise, my general manager, senior and junior management team members and some few service attendants that know me were seen serving food and drinks to us.

I wanted to hide my face so that they won't spot me but my general manager; whom I had so many good and bad encounters with was the first to spot me among the crowd of happy shareholders waiting for their dividends to be announced!

He almost poured a Coca-Cola drink on my beautiful suit while he was serving me because he was in shock. Few seconds after; our HR officer brought my doughnuts and she screamed my name in surprise; "Taiwo, what are you doing here?!"

Few months later; my general manager resigned and got a job at one oil and gas company in Nigeria but don't tell him I bought shares into that company long before he was employed!

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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