Sunday, 3 December 2017


How do you make ladies line up for you begging God to please make you theirs forever?
1. BE SEXUALLY DISCIPLINED: Sexually disciplined guys are attractive any day, any time. Sensible women love guys who are in full grip of their libido. If you want women to die for you, find you hot and irresistible, stay chaste, stay sexually pure. Respect your body and respect women's bodies too. It's one of the key reasons I'm madly in love with my husband.
2. BE CLEAN: Clean hair cut. Well trimmed moustache and beard, clean sparkling teeth, sweet smelling perfume, clean clothes, clean shoes and clean manners makes you a hot cake for single ladies.
3. DRESS WELL: First of all, always iron your clothes. Secondly look masculine. Men who wear tight fitting trousers turn me off. Are you gay or something? Don't wear big sacks either, come on, this is 2017, what do you think you are wearing? Colour war is an eye sore, okay? Jeans for a job interview in a bank is simply stupid! Wear clothes that fit different occasions. Know when to wear suit, jeans, native, chinos, simple wear etc. Always look sweet and fabulous! Women love well dressed men.
4. BE A GENTLE MAN: Men who are loud, impulsive, talkative, rude, rash, aggressive and controlling are massive big turn off. Learn to be gentle with people especially ladies. Be patient, be logical, be long suffering, endure other's weaknesses. Oh my goodness! That lady will speak in tongues when you eventually propose to her.
Men who know how to do chores are instant magnets. Attractive, cool, appealing, hot, irresistible, handsome and in marriage, super sexy. Learn to cook and do your chores. Your wife is coming to help you not be a slave. When you do it as a single, you send the signal you will assist her when necessary in marriage.
6. BE GENEROUS: stingy men are bad husband materials. Be generous with your smile, kindness and humility. Women will love you for it.
7. BE FRIENDLY: Friendly men who know how to make women relax around them are simply too good to ignore.
Smiling men are irresistible. Learn to smile from your eyes not the corner of your mouth. Smile whole heartedly.
9. HARD WORKING: Nothing gets me angry like a lazy man. Hard working men are simply attractive. My husband is the most hard working man I've ever met. I love to be like him. Commitment to your job or business send the signal you are responsible and have a great future ahead of you, women will line up to marry you.
10. BE GODLY: Tongue speaking men are hot! Prayer loving men are masculine, evangelizing men are so adorable. When you are madly in love with God and shamelessly flaunt it, godly women will find you totally irresistible.
This article is not for play boys . It's for mature men who are ready for marriage. Ladies, no matter how good he is at other qualities, if he asks for sex and he is not godly, dump him fast before he damages you, he is not a husband material.

By Oladele Seun.

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