Thursday, 14 December 2017


It's okay to get angry in relationships, it's okay to let your partner know they are doing things you don't like and you want them to change or they will keep frustrating your life!
It's okay to express your emotions. It's okay to express your anger as long as you do not sin with it. "Be ye angry, but do not sin..." (Ephesians 4:26-27).
God knows bottling your emotions and pretending all is well will damage your health and ruin your relationships! It's the reason people are breaking up engagements and divorcing like crazy! One or both of them keeps pretending all is well while the other person keeps hurting them over and over and again!
Learn to open your mouth and talk! Tell your partner, those things you don't like! Let him know his body odour drives you crazy or her laziness is just not acceptable. Yes, correct in love, correct gently, correct firmly. If they are not changing after multiple attempts to drive sanity into the relationship, either air your displeasure or end the relationship! Amos 3:3 must function 100% in your courtship before you head the altar!
You are not sinning by expressing your anger at what you hate. God said, "in my anger I smote you..." (Isaiah 60:10). Express your emotions. Jesus was down to earth real while on earth. He got angry and drove the unscrupulous elements out of the temple. He wept at Lazarus' grave. He also wept over a city that refused to repent. It is the devil that pretends, lies and hide when he is boiling with anger, wrath and rage!
You sin with your anger when you keep malice, beat your partner, get enraged and damage things. Domestic violence is as a result of anger poorly channeled and uncontrolled. Anger should not lead you to do anything spiritually, physically and socially unacceptable.
I'm not asking you to always get angry at your spouse. What I mean is be real, be honest, be down to earth, be original with your feelings. Don't fake anything so that you and your spouse will understand each other better and work together to improve on your relationship. What are the things they do you don't like? Start talking about it today and see the changes you want. You will be glad you did. God bless you. 


© Seun Oladele

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