Monday, 1 January 2018


I have a long hair, not so long but longer than average at the front of my head down to the middle. The back is long too but not like the one at the front. I'm in love with my hair, after retouching and creaming, I like to comb it backwards and allow it fall a bit on my shoulders.
I was at the salon yesterday to retouch my hair when a lady walked in, the moment she removed her hair band I almost screamed "waoh!" Her hair was sooo long and full. She had longer hair at the back so when she packed it, it looked amazing. "Jesus!" I looked back at my hair and love it more. Though my hair is not as long as hers at the back, I noticed her hair wasn't that long at the front. I gave my hair a loving look, fell in love with it again while appreciating the lady's beautiful long hair too.
The point is this, do not compare your looks with anybody and feel inferior, you are the best of your kind. No matter how stunning someone else looks, there is something you have they lack, appreciate it even if what they have looks "better" than yours, you are the best of your kind, celebrate yourself.
I'm focusing on looks today. Avoid jealousy like plague. Jealousy makes you look ugly and bitter. Jealousy is the reason most people find it difficult complimenting, admiring and celebrating others. You can't appreciate others if you don't appreciate yourself.
I see beauty in everyone. I have not met a single human being who is ugly. When I meet you, I try to pick out what differentiate you from others and compliment you till you are tired of hearing my compliments!
Celebrate yourself! Admire yourself! Love yourself! Stop looking at what you don't have and focus on the one you have. Some busty ladies have flat behind, celebrate your bust and leave your behind alone. Some ladies are praying for your kind of bust but there is nothing they can do to increase it. What's more? God is going to give you a man who appreciates your bust. If you are small busted but heavy at the back, celebrate the heavy back and leave the bust alone, God in His time will send you a man crazy about your loaded back (I mean your husband in marriage). If you are small back and front, baby, still celebrate it. There are men crazy for ladies like that. Look at your skin, does it glow? That's unique, what about your hair, nails, legs, cheek bone, you definitely got something that makes you look so different.
Celebrate your difference!
Don't wish you are light skinned when you are dark in complexion. Black skin rocks any day, any time. A shinning, glowing back is beautiful to behold. Celebrate your uniqueness. Don't wish you are dark when you are very light. Fair skin ladies/guys are head turners. They command instant attention anywhere they go. Very light skin is scarce, if you have one, celebrate it!
As a man, celebrate your slimness, don't wish you are muscular when you are by nature slim. Some women are just crazy about slim men. For me, I love my husband's slimness like kilode. He walks like a king and his stepping carriage mesmerizes me. Your wife will fall in love with your physique over and over again. If you are muscular, stop wishing you are slim, some ladies can't marry any man unless he has muscles so your wife will celebrate you.
If you are tall, you are a head turner, don't wish you are shorter and if you are short, don't wish you are taller. Some short men carry grace, power, aura, influence, handsomeness, riches, wealth, anointing that some tall men don't have. Celebrate your uniqueness, your wife will fall in love with you over and over again.
Yes, life is more than how we look, we should work on our character but people see you first before they hear you or notice how you behave. God Himself acknowledged that "man looketh at the outward appearance," it is God that looks at the heart.
Your outward appearance matters, take good care of it. Bath at least once daily, brush your teeth at least, twice. Comb or make your hair regularly as a lady, cut and brush your hair regularly as a man.
When you are neat and sparkling clean, you will feel good and appreciate yourself better.
Wear clothes that enhances your looks and flatters your figure. For instance, if you have a straight shape, pencil skirt with a nice shirt will look good on you. If you are flat at the back, there are clothes that will flatter your figure; attention will shift from the back to other assets. Get a good tailor who can work with your body shape. J.k. Couture sews my clothes, from English to native, she's very good at what she does and she's in high demand.
The Bible says, God looked at what he created and behold they are very good. Never forget, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Always celebrate your uniqueness, if you don't, no one else will. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele, 2017.

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