Monday, 8 January 2018


No big deal being hot sexually and wanting to merge, it's a blessing to your spouse so this year if you feel like visiting a Delilah or pull some Samson down, quote Psalm 119 from verse one to end!
No big deal being on the high side sexually; I'm high! As a married woman, I'm free to say that, and hubby is one of the luckiest men alive! When you have a hot, super charged wifey chasing you around for holy merging, super gluing or whatever, you are blessed beyond measure (whispering: "don't tell hubby I just said I'm hot").
Handling a hot libido while single can be challenging. You will face temptations of course. A little handshake may make you shiver and a hug is a no go area so what do you do to stay pure?
The Bible has all the answers and it's so simple."walk in the spirit and you shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh." With daily tongue blasting, praying like my life will end if I don't, devouring my Bible and practically staying off sex addicted Aristos on campus, I was able to scale through till I got married.
So contrary to popular opinion by some religious fanatics, you are aint possessed, having a marine spirit or whatever trash they've pumped into your head; if you are born again,you can't be possessed but if you are not, SORRY! So so sorry!!!
So what do you do with your libido? How do you handle it when you experience an upsurge with a strong desire for sex?
1. Pray immediately. Ask for grace to handle it.
2. Pick your Bible and read. It is a powerful mind cleaner (Psalm 119: 9,11).
3. Speak in tongues (you are empowered, your spirit is charged against sin).
4. Sing worship songs.
5. Get out of that lonely environment. Take a stroll, do some exercise, run round the block.
6. Avoid having a physical contact with the opposite sex.
7. Pornography is a no go area. Don't try it.
8. Don't touch yourself; refuse to masturbate (this can be so tempting).
9. Work on your project, dream goal or handout/text book, engage your mind, get busy, mentally.
10. Avoid sex triggers; discipline your mind. Don't think about that hot guy in class or the sexy girl in the choir you've crushing on, your sexual desire may escalate and you may find yourself masturbating. This will kill your spirit and disqualify you from having a beautiful relationship with the Lord!
A high sex drive is a big blessing in disguise! Sexually charged men/women are creative, set goals and achieve them, result oriented, powerful and of course very good in bed after marriage. What's so sweet like marrying a sexually hot virgin? Whoa!!! Heaven on earth! More importantly, you are clean in and out, no hang ups, you have a powerful relationship with the Lord, you will make heaven and make money with your powerful business ideas on earth! Blessed?

By Oladele Seun.

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