Wednesday, 31 January 2018


A woman's self esteem can die an untimely death if she discovers men are not looking at her direction. There is a chemo high in being seen as desirable to men. No matter how spiritual a woman is, she wants to know she is capable of getting a man's testosterone burn on setting his eyes on her so she does everything in her power to ensure the front and back assets are in top shape.
Full, firm breasts and well rounded buttocks are a woman's dream. They know men like these and secretly salivates when they see a woman so endowed. To have small, flat, sagging or out of shape breasts and buttocks are a huge disaster so ladies are storming the market for push up bras, waist trainers and padded pants to boost their flat buttocks. If you are a single lady, listen to this carefully: You can't deceive a man forever! Sooner a later, he discovers the real you and the attraction is over!
Listen! Don't become who you are not to attract any man. There is a man God has specifically created for your kind of person, body, breasts, buttocks and face. If you fake it, you will attract someone else not meant for you and after seeing your nakedness, he gets hugely disappointed and start looking for his kind in marriage. That is the beginning of adultery.
I'm not asking you to be shabby. Look your best. Be clean, well groomed and attractive but don't fake it! Don't make your breasts and buttocks look unnecessarily bigger or fuller than they are, be real, be sincere, be truthful.
There is more to being a great woman than a great body. You are not going to spend the rest of your married life having sex, so while you look good, also dress your brain, spiritual life and character. These matter a lot. They determine how long you last in a man's house.
When I met my spouse, I wasn't a raving beauty. Candidly, most men whistling at my picture today won't look twice then. I was poor! No money for food talk less of handouts let alone good clothes. All I had was God and my brain, full stop!
I couldn't get good bras so my chest looked a bit flat and my hair would go undone for weeks. I was spiri-koko so I used scarf to do justice to the hair and faced my studies squarely. When hubby came, he fell head over heels in love, chased me like I was the only woman who existed, wrote countless love letters and never ceased telling me I was beautiful. What made me beautiful? Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
After we got married, my husband discovered I had an amazing body. I was far firmer, fuller and rounder than what he saw when we were courting. Sometimes, he would look at me stunned! Giving birth to children didn't reflect on my body. I looked strong, toned, firm and still in shape. Sometimes, he would blurt out unconsciously: "you have a beautiful body!" They get him mesmerized, flabbergasted and in awe. It made him handle my body with care and treat it with utmost respect.
He confessed later, he had wondered how a single lady could have that type of chest but wasn't bothered because what got him glued to me was more than the body. He selflessly loved me for who I was. I was brilliant, sharp, smart and charismatic! Those where more important to him. A beautiful body was a bonus in marriage and he keeps telling me almost on daily basis I am his perfect size, front and back. He doesn't want anything bigger or smaller. I've got everything he needs complete.
Why I'm I sharing this? To encourage you. I'm not asking you to go about with flat chest. The 21st century brothers do not have that kind of spirituality to look beyond the physical. Get good bras that gives you that firm, round look but marriage is far more than that, God's will is far more than that, happiness in marriage is far more than that, having a loving, faithful spouse is far more than that, enjoying bliss is far more than that, achieving success is far more than that. We should be well groomed but we should not forget to put God first in all we do.
Remember, "Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart..." When God sees your pure heart, He gives you a pure man after His heart. 

God bless you. Cheers!

©Seun Oladele

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