Wednesday, 10 January 2018


Some ladies are crying out to me for help, they have this crazy sexual urge for ladies, hunt for same sex hot romance, smooching and sex while many are already neck deep in the act. A particular girl (an ex lesbian )asked me to write on lesbianism.
If you have a strong sexual urge towards fellow ladies, you stare at fellow women's bodies and derive pleasure doing so, you are already into kissing, smooching, fondling, fingering and having sex with fellow ladies using sex toys, vibrators, cucumber, banana, etc, you are a certified lez and you honestly need deliverance!
Most lesbianism start from all girls school where boys are not available. These girls are initiated by school mothers who in the name of mentoring and protecting them abuse their bodies and initiate them into lesbianism. These girls on becoming school mothers themselves take their turn on innocent, naive juniors, by the time they get into the universities, they have become full blown lesbians! I pity parents who throw their daughters into boarding school without praying for a godly one and monitoring their children. The girl who asked me go write on this article was initiated by their house help.
Some women hate men! They see men as heart breakers and avoid them at all cost. They may look religious! She may be a dedicated church worker or into full blown evangelism! Everyone is praising her for being sexually pure and a virgin, she has only female friends especially one in particular. What most people including her parents and Pastor don't know is that she is a full blown lesbian and her best friend or fellow sister in the Lord is her partner in crime!
Some sleep with women with the belief that they derive more sexual satisfaction from women. Some do it for monetary gain, they sleep with rich or celebrity lez women and make money off them! No matter your strong belief for engaging in lesbianism, it is a sin and God is 100% against lesbianism, it's end is destruction! (Romans 1:26-27).
Women who are into lesbianism are possessed by the demon of lust. They are mentally imbalanced and can't have a good marriage. They have broken, damaged and shattered children if they venture into lesbianism after marriage, can't enjoy sex with a man and will spend eternity in hell!
Lesbianism is now rampant and very common in universities/ higher institutions nowadays, some even shamelessly flaunt it! You must be on guard and very watchful or you end up initiated into this act before you gain your sanity! How do you avoid lesbianism?
1. Get soaked in the word. If you are too lazy to read the word daily, the devil will kick you round with strange thoughts and desires. (Joshua 1:8, Psalm 119:9;11, Philliipians 4:8).
2. Be careful whom you choose as a friend. If you make friends with lesbians, you are a potential lesbian yourself!
3. Avoid women/ladies who always stare at your body especially your breasts and buttocks. One woman said a woman always stared at her lustfully and insisted helping her draw milk out of her breasts for her baby. Because of her mother's insistence, she reluctantly agreed. The woman was fondling and caressing her breasts while sucking and milking, she was so uncomfortable and couldn't face her husband sexually after. Be careful and follow your gut feelings. If you feel uncomfortable around a woman, keep off!
4. Avoid a woman who persistently talk about your body shape, say filthy things, crack dirty jokes and ask you intimate questions.
5. Avoid ladies who always touch and caress your very sensitive body parts.
6. Stop watching porn and all romantic movies.
7. Walk in the spirit so you will not fulfil the lust of the flesh.
8. Get busy with your life.
9. If you are already neck deep in lesbianism, read THE TRIUMPHANT CHURCH by Kenneth Hagins, it will teach you how to get victory over such demonic possession!
Lesbianism is not your portion in Jesus' name. Be watchful, be vigilant, so that you will not be initiated into lesbianism.
Many have fallen as a result of carelessness. More will still fall, you will not fall in Jesus' name.

See you next time. God bless you, cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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