Monday, 1 January 2018


When I was single, I like every where to be in perfect order before I prayed. My bed well laid, my chairs and table well arranged. Television and video off, no food on the cooker, light off and get enveloped in a nice sweet communion with the Lord. Worship song, speak in tongues, pray, read my Bible, pray, speak in tongues, worship the Lord and round off.
Marriage has changed my routine. If I chose to try that in marriage, my spiritual life will die a painful death! With my first son very active and always asking endless questions from morning till night and my second son always chirping, disturbing his brother who keeps reporting and shouting in his high pitch soprano voice and the endless demand for food: breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks in between talk less of the toilet and bathroom demands, house chores, personal business, projects, vision and ministry and then yes, giving the President of the Adewunmi Oladele country his due attention, no more time for spiritual exercise but THAT IS NOT AN EXCUSE!
The Bible says "pray without ceasing", "pray at all times..." Marriage is beautiful. It makes our lives better not worse! It's not an excuse to go into the cooler at all. We must keep growing. Our relationship with the Lord must get deeper, higher and wider so every avenue to pray must be explored.
I now pray anywhere I'm chanced. While my son is eating, I pray. Admist my toddler's chirping which provides the background music to my prayers, I pray. I tell my first son to keep quiet when I'm praying and pray. Now, he joins me voluntarily to pray too. In the kitchen, on the road, in the toilet, bathroom, anywhere I'm free, I pray.
Every time I see Bible apps, I download different versions on my phone and read. Hubby plays audio bible we listen to every morning instead of the sad news raking the country! I listen to audio Bible on my phone too.
When singles tell me they struggle to grow spiritually, I just wonder what they use all the time to do.
Now is the time to maximize your time with the Lord, there is no excuse for spiritual death. Don't wait for a perfect time. There is no perfect time any where! Don't wait till you are on the mountain. Don't wait till you are in church. Pray every time and every where. Pray on the road with your eyes opened. Pray in the bus in your heart, pray in the toilet, bathroom, market and everywhere. Keep your heart in tune with the Lord. Enter 2018 with your heart filled with the Lord's presence. You don't have to be a spiritual super star or pray for several hours before the Lord hears you. As long as you have faith and your heart is in it, you will grow. From 1 minute prayers to 5 minutes to 30 minutes and to hours, one day you will look back and realize you are no longer where you used to be spiritually.
May your spiritual life never die with 2017! Jesus always cares. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele, 2017.

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