Monday, 8 January 2018


If you want to have a blissful relationship with everyone, save yourself from heart break, avoid hypertension and enjoy maximum peace all around, you've got to overlook what people say or do to you.
People will hurt you, they will do things that drive you crazy, not because they want to but because they are hurting bad and don't know how to handle their pain.
Your partner/spouse may take their pressure on you. Relationship are sometimes complex, this is where you need God and daily soak in the word to get your bearing when people close to you are getting on your nerves.
Marry a man/woman who will understand you and not take your words personal when you are hurting and need someone to be yourself around.
My mouth got born again late. It manifested its gift immediately after wedding. My tongue was sharp and a little external pressure got me yelling at my perfect gentleman who either shakes his head in amusement or smile at me. How that guy was able to cope with my tongue during that period honestly amazes me till tomorrow.
I've changed, I don't talk like that anymore. His maturity helped me a great deal. Wanting to be like him helped me padlock my mouth when necessary. The rest is history.
The power of life and death is in the tongue. We should be mindful the way we talk to people so we do not hurt them over and over again. And we should learn to push off pain and hurt, don't take it personal at all! Understand that people hurt and have personal issues so when they 'attack' you, they are looking for ways to release their pain.
Be the mature one. Smile, shrug it off and say "all shall be well." If engaged and married couples will learn to understand this, unnecessary broken engagements will reduce and there will be no single divorce recorded any where in the world.
Get soaked in the word. It will help a great deal when you face some challenges in your relationships.
Proverbs 15:1 should be your best friend any day, anytime. See you next time. 


© Seun.Oladele

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