Tuesday, 23 January 2018


Good morning fellow Africans, It is a common experience that good things don’t trend easily in Africa; only harmful and low rated materials trend.

Before you will kill yourself by yourself; let me review a vital secrete that sex doll manufacturer can never want you guys to know.

Cheap chemicals, mainly plasticizers and solvents, are being widely used to produce sex toys. These chemicals, some of them have been banned in Europe and the United States. 

They have been proven to be toxic to the reproductive system, brain and vital organs. Some are carcinogenic substances. They also found porous, non-toxic materials could be harmful because they can never be completely sanitized. 

They just perpetually collect, and expose you to bacterial infections.Sex doll contain Phthalates; which are a group of chemicals used to make plastics softer and more flexible. 

They adversely affect human reproduction and development, and are “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen” according to the EPA. Phthalates are banned from children’s and pet toys in Canada, the UK and in United States.
Sex doll also contains Toluene; which is used to create polymers and as a solvent. It causes damage to the central nervous system in both acute and chronic cases. 

Acutely, it can cause central nervous system depression and cardiac arrhythmia. In cases of chronic exposure, tremors, involuntary eye movements, birth defects and cancer are all normal.

There are so many more harmful cheap chemicals that have been mixed together in other to produce this worthless, nonsense and useless toy. You guys should better wake up; We have been deceived in the past by the white. The earlier we know this, the better for all of us.

Share this post to help our brothers out there... Information is power. Say no to sex doll; say no to artificial Wife, say no to thermoplastic girl friend, say no to carcinogenic and senseless companion. 

By A Lover of Africans.

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