Monday, 1 January 2018


Once you start having sex, it can become an addiction very difficult to stop. It's better you don't start at all. The Bible says you should "not awaken love till it's time."
Some ladies at 25 can't count the number of men they've had sex with. Some boys at 20 have had sex with nothing less than 20 girls. They are controlled by a demonic spirit called lust. Once that spirit possesses you, you need salvation, deliverance, the blood of Jesus, regular soak in theword and serious fasting and prayer to get out of it. If you are sexually active and you regularly see a dog barking at you, biting or chasing you in the dream, you need prayers!
Masturbation will one day lead to sex. You can't be watching porn and be normal, it's not possible! People who watch pornography end up possessed by the spirit of lust; insatiable and have sex every where like dog or a bitch! This dirty acts must not follow you into 2018.
You can't be having sex around and be normal. Men and women like this are bitter, angry, hateful, revengeful, jealous, suicidal, murderous, addicted to drugs: cocaine, marijuana and very strong sedatives like Lexotan and Mogadon. They live their lives very depressed, scattered brained, emotionally shattered and psychologically scattered! Some of them commit suicide after series of broken relationships or end their lives pathetically.
Premarital sex is beyond few seconds orgasm. It's more than "touch and go", it's more than boyfriend and girl friend thing. It can practically destroy your life, literally kill you, put you in your early grave, buried, forgotten, forever perish in hell!
Don't start what you cannot finish. Say NO to pre-marital sex and if you are neck deep in it, cry to God for help. He surely will. You will not loose your life prematurely in Jesus name. See you gloriously in 2018. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele, 2017.

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