Friday, 19 January 2018


Some men complain they are always lusting because women keep throwing their sexy bodies right in their faces! No matter how hard they try to look straight, the temptation is just too hard to resist. Hello brother, you will have to do something about your eyes and urges or you become a psychotic!
Some women are stubborn and won't stop shaking their buttocks all over the places even if you scream over the microphone! Prostitutes will keep parading in semi nude wears, sex workers will keep throwing their boobs right in your face and of course careless young girls, ladies and even married women will tempt you innocently. The earlier you develop self control and stop looking for excuses to indulge your lust, the better!
A very light skinned young married woman came to visit me after I delivered my first baby. She was complaining about how her baby sucked her to the point of developing sore nipples. Before I could say "Jack Robinson", she had brought out her full, firm, throbbing breast and threw it at my face right in the presence of my husband while showing us the sore nipple! My jaw dropped! I almost scream at her to return her tempting, delicious breast right into her bra! What nonsense! My husband simply stood calm and patiently listened to her complain. I was with him of course so hubby stayed and listened to her story or else, who dash monkey banana? She won't even enter the apartment in the first place. My husband doesn't put himself in tight situations. He knows when to flee!
You need to work on your emotions and learn to stand your ground regardless! What if you become a medical doctor, what will you do? Sleep with all your patients? I remember telling myself I won't allow any male doctor attend to me when I want to deliver my baby, but when the intensity of labour hit, no one taught me to strip completely naked before the doctor or else, no delivery is that! Thank God for godly doctors who do their jobs and not take their hands to unnecessary places.
Yes, men are moved by sight and ladies should watch what they wear. If you call yourself a born again, tongue speaking, bonafide child of God and you go about in crazy micro mini skirts and one mad man rapes you, don't come here complaining. You will be addressed the way you dress.
That is not an excuse for men to go all over the places with bulging trousers. You are a man, not a kid. A real man controls himself at all times and be careful where you go so your eyes does not see evil. You will not fall into premarital and extra marital sex in Jesus name. 

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun.Oladele

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