Monday, 1 January 2018


If you don't want a guy/lady in your life stop sending signals you are interested in them and if you are seriously interested in them, send signals. Signals, non-verbal messages are powerful!
If you don't like that lady stop sending chats, stop asking, "how are you dear, just checking on you." Ladies easily fall in love with men who show them care and affection. If you know you won't marry her, keep your display of care and affection to yourself. Be as cordial as possible! It's the reason many ladies have fallen for their Pastors, mentors, leader, boss, teacher, etc when the man has no single interest in them.
Ladies, keep your hearts under lock and key. Until he tells you he will marry you, stop allowing your heart leap and jump at every man who gives you attention, you will get hurt over and over again, just be yourself, okay?
And ladies, if you know you won't marry him, please and please, don't lead him on. You may be doing that without knowing or realizing the impact of your words on him. Stop checking on him morning, noon and night. Stop saying "I love you" to him. Stop praising, admiring and complimenting him, these words make a man give you a hot chase!
I made that mistake when I was single. I would innocently tell my friends I respect them, love them, admire them, celebrate them etc and when they start chasing I would be wandering what they are looking for? It took the grace of God for my closest friend at that time to handle the rejection when I said capital NO to his marriage proposal. Please, ladies lets be careful so we do not keep hurting men innocently.
And if you are interested as a man, no need to hide it, send the signal. Check up on her, look for her, visit her, show your love, care and concern. Let your body language express your pure love to her (I said love, not sex). If you like him lady, respond to his chase. Warmly welcome him when he visits, smile at him, be friendly, be caring, be godly. Don't be aloof!
Don't be desperate either! Don't jump at him when he has not shown any interest for you. Don't be pushy, calling, chasing, running after him when it is obvious this guy is just not interested in you!
Don't play too hard to get too. Just be friendly, and nice to everyone. When he shows interest (you should know when a man is interested in you unless you are blind, deaf and dumb) and respond to him warmly (I didn't say respond to his sexual advances).
Prepare to meet your soul mate in 2018. You shall not miss your real bone and flesh in Jesus name. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele, 2017.

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