Monday, 22 January 2018


There is nothing as powerful as knowing that I can get a man literally want me, need me, admire me, can't do without me, think about me all the time. Spend many sleepless nights writing love letters and flying to my apartment as soon as he grabs the chance; gist, talk, laugh, chat, argue back and forth, challenge his brain, inspire him to greatness, talk about my bright future and how I plan to make it happen while he constantly racks his brain on how to make me complete his puzzle. I knew, he would propose, he knew I would say yes, the deal was sealed!
Listen ladies, culture or no culture, civilization or not, modernization or whatever excuse you want to give, never propose to a man, it doesn't make any sense! It just doesn't fit you. Take it or leave it, you lose your pride! There is nothing as watching that guy abandon other girls and hunt for you. A man is the hunter! He feels like a man that way, never take that masculine power from him! Don't turn him to a woman, at the end of the day, you won't even respect him! If he is a coward at a simple marriage proposal, he will be a coward in other areas of life and end up a mediocrity! He won't chase after his job, business, career, destiny and "propose" to them until they successfully agree to "marry" him and make a big success out of him.
If you must marry him, you think he's God's will and you are madly in love, it's better you speak through your body language than with your mouth.
Be friendly. Talk about his vision/future anytime you are together and always encourage him to grow and get better. Men don't joke with women who help them succeed. When you constantly encourage, motivate, inspire and influence him to achieve more success in life instead of just talking about you, yourself and yours all the time, he will start thinking of how to permanently have you in his future. You become invaluable to him and he will seek ways to quickly make you his before someone else "snatches" you from him. That is when the proposal comes in.
If a man doesn't propose to you, he just doesn't see you in his future, he is not crazy for you, you are not near his heart as you thought and what he had for you was like, not love! He may just like you as a friend no more, no less. If you push things too far and propose to him, honey, you are going to get a big, fat NO and that is gonna tear yourself esteem apart! Men are better at handling such rejection from women, it helps them fight better and chase harder but a woman? You've already been seen as cheap, desperate and a let down, will you chase harder?
I watched the video of the lady who went on her knees and asked her boyfriend to marry her, it was honestly funny and highly embarrassing. The guy was caught unawares. He felt really embarrassed and fidgeted. Eventually, he pulled the lady up, whispered something in her ears and walked was so embarrassing. The pretty damsel burst in tears, her friends had to console her.
Don't put yourself in a tight situation ladies. If he wants you, he will tell you. If not, please, let God bring the man who will be bold enough to propose to you. A man who is not bold enough to propose to you is just not man enough to husband you. It's as simple as that. May the Lord grant you understanding. 

God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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