Tuesday, 2 January 2018


I'm not talking about witches, wizards or demons that fly around in the night, I'm talking about how darkness heighten your desire for sex! Darkness has a powerful effect on libido and sexual urges and you must know how to handle it if you must abstain from sex till marriage.
If I am talking to hubby and NEPA suddenly interrupts the light, unconsciously, my hand reaches out to him and I give him a squeeze, a back rob or suddenly have the urge for sex. If you are single and alone with your fiance/fiancee, date partner or friend, a sudden interruption of light might make your head swoon and long for a kiss, touch, romance or sex.
Darkness provides a blanket for sin to hide. Sometimes rape victims are raped in darkness that is why ladies are advised to avoid dark and lonely places...satan love darkness so much because it helps him perpetrates his evil at all times.
Avoid darkness at all cost in your relationship if you must stay sexually pure. Your visit should end by 6pm max. If circumstances beyond your control keeps you in his house till 8pm, you either get out and talk in the open or ensure there is light. Once NEPA interrupts the light, don't wait for him to on his Gen, get out of that place fast or you will do something you will regret!
This sounds extreme but it is the truth, avoid chatting with the opposite sex when you are alone in the dark, darkness has a way of clouding your emotions. Even though your phone needs no light for you to see what you are doing, for sanity sake, keep the light on.
Avoid chatting with a close opposite sex friend from 9pm upwards, your emotions can get hijacked and you begin to say stupid things you never imagined in your life you will ever say to the opposite sex you don't even know beyond the social media!
Same rules apply to the married. Don't chat with an opposite sex friend from 8pm upward, your feelings will get hijacked. It's the principal cause of all the emotional affair people are having everywhere.
Before I put a permanent end to all opposite sex friendship on the social media, I've had to battle men sending abominable messages at odd hours. I sometimes counsel people till late in the night most especially when I've been busy all day and only had free hours I could quickly maximize between 9 and 11:30pm and sometimes, very rarely, 12am. A friend may send a greeting during that time and you decide to give a "harmless", "it doesn't matter", "God understands", "shebi he is my brother" response, you are looking for serious trouble! Your heart is palpating and you are still responding! He says your latest profile picture makes you look ten years younger, you are still responding! She says you are the best friend she ever has on earth, you are still responding! He says he loves you, won't mind hugging you when he sees you or just give you a peck, you are still responding, my friend, you are stupid! End the damned friendship and face your marriage or you end up a sorry case with your marriage in the dustbin!
Call me a fanatic, that's your problem! I don't have any close opposite sex friend on the social media, period! If I want someone to turn me on sexually and practically make hot adrenaline ooze out of my pores, that's my husband's job not a friend's.
Let's be careful every one. Jesus prayed "...and lead us not into temptation...." brother, don't lead yourself into temptation, sister don't allow your heart lead you to where your future will be ruined! May you not fall into the hands of the power of darkness! Jesus is Lord! God bless you, cheers!

© Seun Oladele, 2017.

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