Thursday, 25 January 2018


I hear some "sisters" are turning down marriage proposals from our virgin "brothers" for the fear that they won't be able to go ten rounds in bed or more!
Listen, little sis, there is more to a marriage than rolling in sheet, screaming your busband's name and punching out babies every year. You've got a great destiny to fulfil, that is why you are getting married in the first place. First thing first. Marry a man who will help you fulfil destiny.
Now, to the main point. Virginity does not make a man go cripple, lame or blind in bed. Those who were experienced were once virgins, they lost it one day, let the day you lose yours be on the wedding night. Sex with virgins is even more enjoyable than if he had experience (talking from my personal experience with my husband). For a woman to enjoy sex, a man must go for at least 5minutes, at best 7 minutes and that requires self control. Keeping off sex all his single years has helped him develop that self control so he can hold on for as long as you want before landing at the airport!
Having sex the first time makes him value every part of your body and that in itself is thrilling and creates a high sex chemistry on its own which helps you get orgasm!

I can keep listing the benefits but I know some guys are already masturbating with saliva drooling to the floor!
I thank my dear Lord Jesus I married a virgin, sex is delicious to say the least. Why some married women run from sex, I don't understand. I'm nearing 40, I have 2 kids, I have a daily busy schedule both mentally and physically. I do my chores myself yet I have time for sex. I love sleeping with my virgin husband over and over and over again without getting tired, it's sweet!
Wait for sex. Don't ever let down your pants for any one who is not your husband for any reason in the world. You are not a bitch! Neither are you a fowl so, don't act like an animal and sleep around. 
For guys who like plugging into any socket, some men can never succeed again unless they go for deliverance! All manner of women have gone with your sperm and glory. What about the STD's eating you up? We have not even talked about erectile dysfunction and premature/retarded ejaculation. So much to pay for few minutes of sex with agents of satan! Better turn a new leaf before it is too late. 

May the Lord have mercy! Thanks for reading. God bless you. 


© Seun Oladele.

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