Wednesday, 17 January 2018


You may be mesmerized by his looks now. His stepping carriage may thrill you. The sweetness of his perfume may make your head swoon. The well groomed moustache or beard may make you float in cloud 9. His well starched, ironed shirts may throw your emotions up and down. His excellent dress sense may whao you to the high heavens plus the regular cash he sends in your account.
Few years after marriage, all that will become worthless, useless, valueless and senseless when he is not there to talk to you for months on end. He is always traveling from UK to Saudi Arabia to France. No one to talk to you when you are lonely and confused, no one to share your heart with. No one to hold you, cuddle you, comfort you and have sex with you when you need his presence. It's the reason most of these big madams run after small boys once their husbands are out of the country. I've seen too many women weep in lonely marriages! What they bargain for is not what they are experiencing at all!
You see them ride the big cars, wear expensive clothes, smile at the camera and pretend all his well. They even pose with the picture of their husbands with full smile and laughter on their faces while you silently envy them, using them as your new prayer point.
Greed, covetousness, impatience, poverty stricken mentality which makes you think you must marry a rich man to be rich will make you become a prisoner in your own marriage! Your hot body may get him, only the God of heaven can keep him, that is, if it is God that gave him to you in the first place!
I'm I saying you should not marry a rich man? if that is God's will for you, why not? Most men do not value leeches, suckers and drainers as wives. They prefer a woman who was there when they had nothing, suffered with them and stood by them till they become great in life.
Examples of such women abound whose husbands love, honour, respect and value them till forever because they stayed with their husbands when other women would have left, loved him for who he is and supports him till he becomes a resounding success: Michelle Obama (of Barak Obama), Melinda Gates (of Bill Gates), Candy Carson (of Ben Carson), Gloria Copeland (of Kenneth Copeland), Faith Oyedepo (of Bishop Oyedepo), Folu Adeboye (of Pastor Adeboye), Tarah Durotoye (of Fela Durotoye), etc.
What kind of lady are you? You will end up attracting your kind. No man will value you if you lack value, self respect and dignity. Work with your hands and brain. Be a woman of dignity, respect and honour and men will value you till forever. See you next time. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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