Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Why We Are Still Single?

This was laid strongly in my spirit and I thought it will be edifying to share with those whom it may concern. If you know God has called you for a special and definite purpose/assignment on earth, this is for you.
If you are physically, mentally, spiritually, financially and emotionally mature enough to be married but still single right now, then you must read this. Be ready to act accordingly as God ministers to you.
We have learned good mannerisms, we have worked and improved ourselves, we have imbibed good character, we have read books on marriage, we have listened to older couples, we have kept ourselves from the immorality that pervades the society, we have waited for the right partner and we have prayed countless times, but we are still single, why?
Is God not concerned about my marriage and emotional stability? Does He not care that my time is running out fast? Does He not care that my hormones are running wild as the days go by and making me more prone to sexual temptations? Does He not care that I need a spouse to complement a part of me? Why is God acting like He is not seeing my struggles?
About six years ago, God showed me a vision and in that short vision, I saw myself walking in a defined path. The path was straight ahead of me and as I walked along this defined path, I did different things at different times. Along the path I saw business (money), I saw houses, I saw cars, I saw fulfilment, and I saw my wife. Then the vision stopped.
God began telling me that besides my ambitions and career interests, He has a definite path for me. He had created me, not to follow the convention but to follow a defined path and if I find that path and walk in it, I will find EVERYTHING I want in life including the right spouse. But if I veer off the path in pursuit of other mundane things of life, I will be left to my perils. By implications, walking in other paths apart from the purposeful path means that I will never meet the kind of wife God had purposed for me. This is same for everyone whom God has called to a special purpose/assignment.
God doesn't deal with the called ones in the same way He deals with the general believers. The dealings of the children of God is different from the dealings of the servants of God. God takes it personally when it concerns the called ones but will easily overlook same when it involves the general class of believers.
That vision introduced the word “PURPOSE” to me for the first time, I began to pray and search for my purpose and how to walk in it, for in it lies everything including the long awaited wife.
Now, why are you are still single is not because you haven’t prayed enough, not because you are a bad lady/guy, not because you didn’t love God, not because you are ugly, but the one reason why you are still single after you have crossed all the T’s and dotted all the I’s is simply because you are off the path of God’s purpose. God is not interested in giving you just a ‘good’ spouse, He wants to give you a ‘purpose-oriented’ spouse and until you start walking in purpose, you won’t meet that spouse that has been made fit for you. THIS IS THE CRUX of this post.
Your spouse is waiting to meet you on the path of purpose; your ignorance of purpose or refusal to walk in purpose is most likely the major cause of your marital delay and hence the cause of marital delay of your future spouse. You are wasting both your time and the time of your future partner by living out of purpose.
Let me reveal here that there are certain glorious children that can’t be born unless God finds Christian couples who are living in purpose. The combination of parents that bear the child is very important to God; the wrong mix of couples will lead to children who are less than who God wants them to be.
This is why the devil is fighting hard to merge wrong people in marriage so that their ‘seed’ will not be able to develop into that glorious child God is looking for.
Certain children who will take the nations for God won’t be born into the earth if you and I don't discover our purpose and walk in it. Jesus was born but not just by any random couple, the father’s lineage was chosen from the foundation of the world and the young girl, Mary was created for that sole purpose. Jesus would never have been born at the time He was born if a ‘Joseph’ didn’t align and a ‘Mary’ didn’t submit to God’s purpose. Who knows maybe the reason why the birth of Jesus took thousands of years to manifest despite countless prophecies was because God was waiting and looking out for a perfectly fitted couple (man and woman) who will walk in alignment to His purpose!
Consequently, this means your prayers for a spouse can’t be answered by God as long as you are walking out of purpose. You can’t find that purposeful Mr and Miss Right on the wrong path of life. If you haven’t discover purpose, then your prayer henceforth should be ‘God show me my purpose and cause me to walk in it’ and if you know your purpose but haven’t taking any step in that direction, then it is time to adjust your sail and move in the path of purpose.
Stop bombarding God to bring your spouse; you have been praying this same prayer for years but He is not deaf and He doesn’t gain anything by keeping you single for long but your marriage has to happen according to His plans, not yours. So your prayers should be on how to find His plan/purpose and walk it, your spouse is waiting to run into your arms the moment you start walking in purpose.
As a matter of divine truth, we ought not to be praying for God to bring our spouse; the right spouse is designed to meet us in the place of fulfilment of purpose. All these fasting and praying to have a husband/wife are not God’s perfect standard. If God instituted marriage, then He is fully aware you need a wife/husband and you really don’t have to ask for a spouse for donkey years before God grant that request. If God wants you to marry but the spouse is not coming forth, then something is wrong somewhere with your alignment to God’s workings.
Finally, whatever God has lain in your heart as your purpose on earth, start to function immediately in it and it will amaze you how God will speedily work out your marriage. God wants you to fulfil purpose and He knows you need a helper to do that so immediately you begin to walk in purpose, He will bring the helper your way.
Get committed and be faithful in that calling e.g singing, writing, counselling, praying, interceding, giving, helping, teaching, preaching, serving etc and watch God manifest in your marriage. Note I didn’t say church roles, I said calling. Ushering as a role in church and ushering as a calling are not the same. Walk only in your calling, that is where God commands your blessings.
Find your purpose; walk in it and God will bring your spouse.
ADDENDUM: If you are called by God for a special assignment, then don’t joke with this message. The devil will attempt to deceive you by bringing a random lady/guy your way even when you are out of purpose. Such lady/guy is not the purpose-oriented spouse God intended for you even if he or she may be good and born again but all that don’t equate purposefulness. So watch out!
May God lead us to the place of purpose in Jesus name.


Samuel Kori

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