Friday, 26 January 2018


Some keep wandering why in the name of God I talk about sex all the time, isn't there anything sensible to talk about except sex, erection, orgasm and masturbation all the time?
The rate at which sex is secretly destroying lives is pathetic. It is the least talk about but the most frequently used by the devil to destroy lives, destinies, marriages, God given ministries and the church.
Sexual temptation is more forceful than people think. So many homes are suffering than people thought possible. So many preachers' marriages are hanging or in a comma, many lives have been bruised, battered, shattered and destroyed as result of untamed, misdirected sexual energy!
We face more sexual temptation daily than people care to talk about. Everyone, both kids, teenagers, adults, old ones, grand parents, pastors, church members, students, teachers everyone!
We all must guard against illicit sex. Married couples must improve on their spiritual lives as well as sexual lives to avoid landing in a divorce court and shattering the lives of their children forever! I will be teaching about the 69 sexual positions for married couples soon in a seminar tagged EXPLOSIVE SEX 2018 (get the best sex of your life you never thought possible) so many tension, fighting and quarreling in marriage is traceable to sex, if you can fix that, some of the problems in the marriage automatically get fixed.
I am working on an ebook for singles on understanding your sexuality, how to stay pure and unleash all your sexual energy in marriage. This book is loaded. We will be treating everything sexual from circumcision to clitoris, to penis shaft (how it affects sex) to kissing to handling inner and outer sexual pressure to masturbation, so so so many to deal with in this book. You will understand your sexual anatomy and prepare for explosive sex in marriage!
People face more sexual temptation than they care to talk about and it aches my heart when I see God's generals fall flat on their faces!
I have received flirty messages from fellow ministers of the gospel, I have seen men stare at my behind on the road, I have seen a man drool at my back while heavily pregnant with my first son right in the bank where I went to transact. I have been hotly chased by married men. Married men have told me they have hot sexual attraction for me. I have been wooed as a married woman. I have been offered money as a bait, opportunities as a bait and many more. I don't care about all these. I care about my relationship with my God, my calling, my very dear husband and my kids.
I do not have any man as my friend whether online or offline. Whether minister or not. No Pastor, Preacher, Bishop, Evangelist, Relationship Coach or whatever who is a male is my friend. All opposite sex friendship perished with 2017! I am cordial and polite but no friendship, period!
If you can't handle sexual temptation as a single person, you won't handle it after marriage. Sexual temptation increases in marriage.
If by God's grace I can help you stay pure till marriage and enjoy sex in marriage, part of my vision is fulfilled and more lives are liberated from the pit of hell to the glory of God!
I hope you understand me better! You will not fall before and after marriage in Jesus' name. 

God bless you, cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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