Wednesday, 28 February 2018


There are so many strange daddies these days. Daddies who do the abominable and shatter their children's lives forever.
Daddies who are bad role models and who.are not fit to be daddies!
Daddies who smoke marijuana and drink to stupor yet preach to their children not to drink or smoke, ah, daddy!
Daddies who finger their girls at babies and have sex with them at very tender ages, what sort of daddy is that?
Daddies who ask their kids not to watch porn yet watch it in the corner of his bedroom not knowing the children are watching through the key hole, ah, daddy!
Daddies who sleep with a neighbour's daughter and bring all manner of women home when mummy is not arround, ah, daddy!!!
Daddies who teach their daughters oral sex at the age of 5 in order to derive demonic pleasure from them, what kind of daddy is that?
Daddies who commit incest, rape, pedeophillia and bestiality and you think your children are not watching!
Daddies who rain heavy curses on their children very early in the morning over minor offences may the Lord have mercy!
Daddies who treat their children like animals and beat them to the point of death in the name of discipline, haba, daddy!!!
Daddies who abuse and beat their mummies right in their presence, what kind of daddy is that?
Daddies who steal their children's school fees.
Daddies who use their children for money ritual.
Daddies who are armed robbers, kidnappers and ritualists! Daddies who hate God and humanity.
Daddies who force their girls into early marriage to a man old enough to be her grand father because of ego, kudi, owo, naira, dollar, yen, ruppies, pounds sterling, ah, daddy!
Everyone is complaining children of nowadays are corrupt and ill mannered, who raised them, did they fall from the sky? The problem is not children of nowadays but parents of nowadays.
What kind of parent are you? You can't be a bad father and expect your kids to turn out well. Have mercy on your innocent children and lead them aright. Train them in the way of the Lord and be good role models to them or else...may the Lord have mercy!

© Seun Oladele

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