Wednesday, 21 February 2018


I don't know what is wrong with some ladies, once they are in a relationship, they turn the guy to Automated Teller Machine (ATM)! They suspend their brain and hands, refuse to work and harass the man up and down for money for little, trivial things including chewing gum and ice cream!

You are responsible for your problems, deal with them and grow up. Marriage is not for over spoilt, pampered brats who hate to work and make good use of their hands! A wife is a help-meet not a take-meet. Marriage is give and give, not take and take. You are going into marriage to help that man become great not suck greatness out of him!

When a man loves you, he naturally gives without harassing him and make his life a living hell on earth! Buying you things gives him pleasure and paying his bills in marriage won't be a problem. He is into your life to be a blessing not a curse! If he is so stingy right now he won't contribute a dime to the relationship even when you are dying, end the relationship!

You go into courtship to be a blessing not use the other person as a blessing! You are there to give, not to take and take till the other person has nothing to give! A stingy man is simply not in love with you, if he loves you, he will give!
I naturally hate begging with passionate hatred so when I met hubby, begging was out of it yet, I was in need of so many things. Since we met, he had always given. He gave and gave and gave and gave. He still told me yesterday "I need to give you more..." without asking, pressurizing, complaining or disturbing his life.

When I go into relationships with people, the first thing I ask is, what can I give? How can I make the life of this person better? What is available with me that will be useful to this person? It can be words of encouragement, a hug, an advise that will change their lives, food stuff, money, support, etc. There is something to give, always look for ways to give.
Ladies who complain men always ask them for sex have a lot of things to confess. If you are in the habit of asking every Tom, Dick and Harry for money, they will pressurize you for sex. For ungodly men, nothing goes for nothing.

I'm not asking you not to ask for help when you genuinely need it. It's a different ball game entirely but before asking, ensure you have tried to solve half of it yourself before disturbing people all over the places. Life is about solving problems. Marriage is about solving problems, learn to solve your own problems! That is what makes you an asset to your husband! A lazy, irresponsible woman is rottenness in any man's bone.

Hardworking, responsible ladies are attractive; begging, lazy, indolent ladies are repulsive.
Find work to do and learn to be a blessing to the people around you. You will be glad you did. God bless you. Cheers!

By Seun Oladele.

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